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Has the cat left the house and hasn’t come back yet? Losing your cat is terrible, but before you panic and think about the worst you should get busy and start looking for it. Here are our tips on how to find a lost cat!

Cats that live the outdoor tend to leave their garden to explore new places or to meet other cats (especially males in the heat period). If the cat doesn’t show up for several hours, don’t freak, cats love to hide so he may be hiding somewhere in the house.

If after inspecting every corner you do not find him and if he doesn’t return home within a reasonable period, you can do several things.

Hang signs on the street with your cat’s picture

To find a lost cat, try the classic system of signs posted on the streets. Hang up the signs in your town or in the neighboring one. The announcement must include:

– the cat’s photo, better in color so that you can see all the details well;

– the name of the cat and a small description;

– the date of loss;

– your contacts (name and phone number);

– better if you offer a small reward, because it will increase the chances of meeting.

Contact local animal associations

Also report the loss of the cat to local animal associations, they may have found him or have received reports from someone. Also try to visit them personally. Often and willingly, these organizations have so many animals to manage that they could get confused and not contact you.

Publish the announcement on social networks

An effective way to find the lost cat is to take advantage of social networks like Facebook and Instagram to reach many more people. Post the photo of the lost cat and ask your friends to share the announcement. Also publish it in the classic neighborhood groups, the pages of lost animals in your area (they exist!) Or animal welfare associations like Enpa. Maybe with a little luck, someone might contact you.

Search for the cat on site with friends with a recall

To find a lost cat, you can ask for concrete help from your friends, family, neighbors, even better if you involve people the cat knows or is familiar with. Bring with you his favorite snacks, a bag of kibble or anything that can act as a reminder and that he identifies as such.

How to avoid losing your cat

To limit the chances of the cat getting lost, it is necessary to take the right precautions. First of all, the cat, especially if male, should be neutered, in this way will reduce the distance within which he is led to wander. Secondly, it is good to microchip it as it will help veterinarians with research.

Do not be afraid to be too insistent or to disturb people to ask for information, to find your cat you’ll do this and more!

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