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Sanitized® is the name of a special antibacterial treatment used to make a material permanently hygienic. We have recently integrated this treatment on some Ferplast products, to make plastic materials protected from bacteria, therefore safer for the user and free from bad smells.

Never as in this period are we experiencing how important prevention through sanitation is. For this reason, we want to better explain what Sanitized means, a brand that currently can boast two Ferplast products: the Vega fountain and the Ariel cat toilets.

Sanitized is a Swiss brand known internationally, which has guaranteed the sanitization of various materials since 1935: various types of fabrics, polymers, plastics, etc. Widely used in sportswear and medical health appliances, it prevents the proliferation of bacteria, reducing the formation of fungi and molds, which are the cause of bad odors, rapid deterioration of the product, discomfort for the user.

In the products selected by Ferplast the treatment is integrated into the material itself to guarantee its antibacterial efficacy permanently.

Thanks to its special characteristics, Sanitized ensures an effective action against bacteria, with their reduction of up to 99.9%, confirmed by scrupulous laboratory tests. By comparing a Sanitized treated and an untreated plastic product under the microscope, it is possible to clearly see that the untreated one has a very strong proliferation of bacteria. In the one protected by Sanitized, however, the presence is almost zero.

What is the bad smell caused by?

Have you ever washed a fabric or a plastic container and noticed that the odors, despite washing even with aggressive soaps, do not go away? The causes of odor formation on some surfaces are different: heat, humidity and bacteria. Above all, the latter generate the smell on the surfaces. Once contaminated, the bacterial load multiplies and it is difficult to eliminate it. For this reason, the Sanitized treatment allows to make the surfaces of Ferplast products more hygienic, making the bacteria “slip” away.

The absence of bacteria also ensures a longer life span of the product itself.

We have introduced the Sanitized treatment on Vega fountains to make them more hygienic given the persistence of the water for a long period. In addition, we also know that the cat is very sensitive to odors and with this treatment we can prevent them thus avoiding its possible refusal to quench its thirst from the fountain.

We also used the Sanitized treatment in the brand new Ariel cat toilets, in order to make them as hygienic as possible even for those who have to take care of their maintenance. Thanks to Sanitized, the surfaces are effectively protected from bacteria and it will therefore be sufficient to wash the box as usual to make it return clean and not smelling as for the first use.

But we don’t stop here! Soon there will be other news with Sanitized treatment, to make your pets’ experience with our products ever safer and more pleasant.

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