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The Australian Shepherd has been gaining in popularity in recent years and is now in high demand on breeders, since more and more families decide to adopt it. But what are its needs? Better to know them perfectly before proceeding with the adoption of this faithful dog.

Originally the Australian Shepherd used to work in farms with cattle, where he carried out a long and hard daily job alongside the man. His character is cheerful, dynamic, exuberant and with a great desire to do, hoping to always please the owner.

Which habitat is most suitable for the Australian Shepherd?

Being dogs born to work on the farm, they are genetically prone to having to “do”. They wake up in the morning with a lot of energy and are not really suitable to be helpless on the sofa all day at home. Better a house in the countryside with a beautiful garden at their disposal.

The ideal owner of the Australian shepherd should be a dynamic person who can devote a lot of time to the dog. The game, the training, the walks in the hills or in the mountains, these are the commitments that this furry requires. The dog will faithfully follow his master all day, without ever getting tired.

It is an extremely clever animal, very easy to train. For this reason, it is also easy to him to take bad habits, so the advice of many breeders is to train him by a professional when still a puppy or very young.

What make an Australian Shepherd happy?

He loves being with his family and playing, walking and running. He loves being physically close to his master, falling asleep tightly close to him. He is also an excellent companion for children.

Despite being born as a working dog, over the generations he has adapted perfectly to family life. However, playing remains important, so daily it should be taken for a walk in green areas, where he can vent his energy. In this regard, it would be useful to use a harness that allows him to move freely but always ensures excellent control over the dog. Daytona Cross by Ferplast is ideal for this purpose: it is made of sturdy nylon, with a soft internal padding and an ergonomic construction so as to always guarantee maximum comfort. Also ideal for night outings, given the reflective strip to ensure maximum safety for the animal and the owner. Also, with the magnetic closure system of the buckle, it hooks and unhooks in a moment.

For physical exercise, however, he can be engaged with intelligence games or better yet with Ferplast’s Puller, a toy for dogs useful in animal training. It is useful to improve the dog’s endurance, keeping his muscles toned. It should be used in activities such as running, jumping and pulling.

Weekly care of the Australian Shepherd

It is a very rustic dog that does not require special attention. He has an average life expectancy of twelve years. As already mentioned, it must be kept in shape with exercise, also to maintain his positive mood.

He has a medium length hair, weatherproof. Coat management is not difficult but should be brushed weekly.

There would be much more to say about this breed loved by families, but also by singles who see him as a special partner. For this time, we stop here, we hope these suggestions are useful. 

Remember that the choice to adopt a dog must never be dictated by a current trend, but by assessing the actual needs of the puppy who will become part of the family.

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