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Choosing the right harness for the dog is very important: there are several issues to consider, such as the size and the temperament of the animal, the activity you plan to do with him and finally your aesthetic taste. To give you a hand in the choice we will compare different types of Ferplast harnesses: Hercules Cammie, Nikita, Agila Reflex, Daytona Cross and Ergotrekking. Take notes!

Herculess harness: sports and ergonomic

Have you got a medium-large breed dog found of mountains, sports and trekking? The right harness for him is no doubt the Hercules model.  Practical and robust, it is made of high wearing and scratch resistant materials featuring a soft padding on the whole surface in contact with the dog’s body, so that even after a long walk the furry friend will be won’t feel any pain.

We also recommend this harness to professional users, as in the case of rescue dogs, who work in in the most disparate environmental situations: there’s a mini torch holder and reflective tapes ensuring to dog to be seen in the dark.

The last novelty in this range is the Cammie version with a super gritty camouflage pattern. For the largest dogs (L, XL, XXL) the harness features the innovative micro-regulation system called Quick Fit Technology for an easy and fast adjustment on the dog’s back, granting a perfect fitting. The ergonomic construction ensures that the pulling load is distributed in a balanced way over your dog’s chest, without affecting his neck or creating any discomfort.

If you need more control on your dog you can use the practical padded handle on the top of the harness, keeping the four-legged friend closer to you.

Nikita Harness: technical but fashionable

If you have a small-medium sized dog you can choose the Nikita harness, ideal for an every-day use both in case of quiet walks at the park and of more lively ones. They are very light and made of breathable nylon preventing the dog from suffering from the heat especially during summer. Trend setters will also love this product showing an attractive design available in different color combinations, including the camouflage version, to be cool in every situation!

Agila Reflex Harness: colourful and with perfect fit

If you have a rather volcanic dog, who does not stand still even in front of a tasty snack and every time you have to put a harness on him you become crazy, Agila is the right model for you.

Agila Reflex, in particular, has been designed to guarantee maximum safety and great ease of use: thanks to the double micro-adjustment closure system, it can be quickly and accurately adapted to the dog ensuring a perfect fit. Being equipped with a reflective strip, it is ideal for night and evening outings since it allows the presence of the animal to be signaled even from a distance. According to the character and color of your four-legged friend, ypu can choose between black or fluorescent orange version.

Daytona Cross Harness: robust and with high-tech closure

Do you like to test the latest tech news and as soon as one comes out on the market you have to try it straight away? With the Daytona Cross harness, even your dog will be a real pioneer in this field!

The Daytona Cross harness is, in fact, characterized by the revolutionary Matic technology, ie it is equipped with a very practical magnetic closure, safe and reliable, which hooks and unhooks with a simple click. This buckle made of techno-plastic, resistant but light at the same time, has two closure buttons that guarantee the complete reliability of the product, while avoiding accidental openings. It is very useful because it allows you to slip on and remove the product on the fly.

It is a unique accessory of its kind, lined with a soft padding and adaptable to the body of the darling, and it is a robust as well, that can withstand the stresses of the animal.  We recommend using it even when there are poor lighting conditions, as it has a reflective strip to guarantee maximum safety and visibility.

Ergotrekking Harness: ergonomic e comfortable

The Ergotrekking harness for dogs has a very particular shape as it is designed to be ergonomic, so as to evenly distribute the traction on the dog’s body and to be very secure. It features 6 closing points, so it perfectly adapts to the body of the dog, even the smallest one like the greyhound. However, it is suitable for dogs from 20 kg to 40 kg maximum weight. This type of model offers great comfort and a sense of freedom to the dog, while maintaining good communication and control with the owner.

Still undecided about which model of dog harness to buy?

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