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Ferplast gabbia calopsiti e parrocchetti Viola
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Every pet bird needs a dedicated and sufficiently large space to live peacefully. But how do you choose the perfect bird cage and what features should you consider?

In fact, the importance of this choice is often underestimated, when in fact it represents a fundamental step if one chooses to adopt a bird as a pet.

Types of cages

Choosing the right type of cage for your bird is the first important step. The bird must not only be able to spread its wings fully, but also be able to move in all directions without space problems. Furthermore, it is important that the cage allows it to feed and water itself easily. The larger its home, the more you will ensure the bird’s well-being.

Cages are not all the same; they have different sizes, shapes and characteristics. Here are the three most common types. 

Ferplast gabbia uccelli e canarini Ibiza

Classic rectangular birdcage

The classic cage is the most common, with a rectangular-shaped base and various sizes according to the physicality of the bird that will have to live in it. If you are looking for such a cage, Piano 7 is perfect for housing several birds such as parakeets and canaries. 

It is equipped with removable drinking and feeders, perches, and convenient handles for easy moving. It is advisable to purchase a dedicated stand separately, which allows you to position the cage and move it easily thanks to its special wheels.

Birdcage with dome

The cage with dome differs from the previous one in design. It is characterized by a dome at the top, which not only gives it a more graceful appearance, but also allows greater freedom of movement. 

Greta by Ferplast is a bird cage with an opening dome, ideal for certain types of parakeets that like to perch on the highest perch without flying away. In addition to being made of corrosion- and scratch-resistant material, it is equipped with all the accessories necessary for feeding the bird.

Ferplast gabbia canarini Ibiza


Aviaries are extremely spacious cages, suitable for housing several birds at the same time or large birds, so that they can move around freely inside them. They are perfect for housing several bird species together, from parrots to parakeets. 

Ferplast’s elegant Wilma Large aviary is very spacious and made of FSC™-certified wood, treated with a non-toxic UV-resistant and water-repellent varnish. The aviary consists of a large central door with safety hook and several side access doors for daily cage maintenance.

Ferplast gabbia per calopsiti e parrocchetti Viola

Cleaning the cage

Cleaning the cage is essential to ensure a good quality of life and health for your bird. Hygiene should be done frequently, but pay attention to the characteristics of the cage. 

In order to be able to proceed with proper cleaning, there should first of all be a sufficiently wide central door that allows you to enter with your arm without difficulty. Only in this way will it be possible to completely and thoroughly clean the entire room. In addition, the removable tray at the base of the cage is essential, as it will allow you to clean very easily. If you find a cage without these two features, move on!

Ferplast gabbia uccelli canarini Villa

Robust closure and containers

Food and water containers are usually made of plastic, steel or ceramic. You should also check that the material is sufficiently resistant to pecking and scratching of any kind. Ferplast offers a wide range of drinking bottles and feeders for all tastes! Colored, transparent, rotating, they will be essential accessories if you are thinking of adopting a feathered friend.

Last but not least, the closing of the cage. Be very careful, the safety latch is necessary to prevent the bird from getting out and escaping. Check this detail carefully and ensure that there is a solid latch to block the cage door opening. 

Ferplast semi sementi cibo nutrire canarini gabbia uccelli

Safe and non-toxic materials

It is very important to ensure that the cage is made of quality materials that are safe and non-toxic for the animal.

All Ferplast cages are equipped with the necessary tools for a comfortable, bird-proof habitat!

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