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Ferplast casetta per conigli da esterno conigliera
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Is a little bunny on the way in the family? One of the must-have items for your pet will be the hutch! A little home for your rabbits that they will love.

Although they are animals that like to be free, perhaps prancing around in a soft garden, it is necessary to carve out a specific place for them too where they can sleep, relax and feed. 

Ferplast conigli conigliera Metro indoor

Why a rabbit house is necessary

Rabbits have a very peculiar and distrustful character, that is why it is not always easy to interact with them. Although they love open spaces, a place exclusively their own will help them to settle in better and make the hutch their home.

Moreover, when we cannot keep an eye on our furry friends, it is good to have a space dedicated to them where they can enjoy all the comforts they need and be safe at the same time. You can choose an indoor hutch for your rabbit, or, given the arrival of warm weather, opt for an outdoor hutch.

The perfect homes for your rabbit

Ferplast has created different types of cages, perfect for becoming your bunny’s favourite place. Ferplast rabbit cages are the ideal home for recreating a suitable environment for your pet, designed to offer specific areas dedicated to different daily activities. They have large openings and ramps through which your bunny can exit and re-enter independently.

Grand Lodge Plus plastic hutch

Grand Lodge Plus is a two-storey rabbit hutch made of thermoplastic resin. It will become a real residence for your rabbit, complete with a ladder connecting one floor to the other. 

The ground floor has a metal fence and is equipped with a small door with a safety lock and removable tray for easy cleaning. It also includes accessories such as a drinking bottle, a feeder, a bowl and two pull-out trays for dirt collection. The roof can be opened for easy hygiene and, on the upper level, there is also a small sheltered corner perfect for your rabbit to rest. 

Ferplast conigli conigliera Grand Lodge Plus

Ranch 120 Max wooden hutch

Looking for a spacious, wooden rabbit hutch instead? The Ranch 120 Max rabbit home, made of FS®-certified wood and divided into several rooms, will be perfect. Again, the rabbit house is divided into two floors, with a ladder leading to the upper part. It is equipped with a central pull-out plastic drawer and an upper floor area ideal for storing litter. 

The roof can be raised, the ground floor is fenced to ensure your pet’s safety and all the accessories you need to care for your small animal are included. It is also perfect for outdoor use since the wood is treated with special non-toxic and environmentally friendly paints. 

Ranch Ferplast conigliera per conigli casetta

Metrò station

Metrò station is a small house for your rabbit made of sturdy thermoplastic resin and also suitable for guinea pigs and ferrets. It is ideal as an annexe to Ferplast rabbit hutches or rabbit cages, a sort of pit-stop for escapades outside the home.  It can be connected to the tubes of the Metro range, which allow you to create many paths for your pet to play, connecting different rooms together.  

Metro Station is equipped with two openings and a removable roof that is perfect for cleaning the cage. In addition, to ensure your small pet always has a dry environment, it is also equipped with an internal liquid drainage system.

Ferplast conigli conigliera Metro e Krolik con tunnel

Where to place the rabbit hut

Your rabbit’s hutch should be placed in a quiet, non-traversing place so that your pet is not disturbed by movements and noise. At the same time, however, it is important that it is not in a place that is too isolated and lonely. 

If the cage is outside, it should be well sheltered from the weather and any heat sources – rabbits are animals that cannot tolerate heat. Indoors, on the other hand, keep it away from electrical appliances or loud noises. 

Ready to choose the perfect hutch for your rabbit? Ferplast rabbit hutches will become your small  friend’s favourite place!

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