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Ferplast gatto cuccia Cuddly marrone
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Cats are sleepy animals, they like warm, comfortable places away from noise and prying eyes. This is why creating a corner of the house with a bed dedicated to your cat will be a real gift for him. 

The cushion will become the perfect accessory to prevent your cat from dozing off on the sofa, chairs or your bed. It will also be a place where your kitten will feel at home. Indeed, cats need spaces where they can be in peace and quiet and where they can take refuge when they are tired or frightened.  

Ferplast has made many sofas cushions and sofas for cats to suit all tastes. Choose your favourite bed, cuddling pets is our speciality! And if you’re really undecided, you can choose from one of those we propose below, to give your cat the comfortable space she or he deserves.

The Cuddly cat bed

Cuddly is a cat bed made of soft, long plush with a snuggly donut design. Cuddly’s thick padding and extra-soft material will ensure that your cats can relax and take all their daily naps. 

The donut cat bed has a high rim to provide support for your pet’s head and neck. It is also practical because it is machine washable at low temperatures and is available in different sizes and colours.

Ferplast gatto cuccia Cuddly grigio

Majesty cat cave bed

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a real cat house Majesty is perfect for those cats who are a little more shy and reserved. It will become a real refuge, an intimate and private place where your cat can relax undisturbed. 

Majesty is fully upholstered, made of elegant velvet fabric and has a double-sided cushion inside, all machine-washable at low temperatures. 

The Coccolo Microfleece cat sofa

The Coccolo Microfleece is a padded sofa covered in soft and warm microfleece. It has padded side rails and is equipped with a comfortable removable inner cushion. The front side is also lowered to facilitate your cat’s entry and exit.

The sofa is fully washable and available in different colours and sizes.


The Siesta Deluxe cat bed basket

Not all Ferplast cat beds are made of fabric! Siesta Deluxe for example is a recycled plastic bed and is part of the eco-friendly line, guaranteeing a long life span. The edges are high and comfortable and the front side is lowered to provide a comfortable resting place for your cat. In addition, the perforated bottom is specially designed to allow air to pass through properly and prevent moisture from stagnating. 

The basket cat bedding can be combined with a comfortable padded cushion to ensure maximum comfort for your cat. 

Ferplast gatto cuccia Siesta Deluxe bianca

Cat bed cushions

Relax F 

Relax F is a double-sided cushion, on one side lined in cotton, great for warmer seasons, and on the other side in faux fur, the perfect material to warm your pet during the winter months. It is machine washable, has a soft filling and is available in six different sizes.


The Prince cushion has a comfortable padding and sides in two different colours made of elegant velvet fabric. Its use can be chosen according to requirements. In fact, Prince can be used on its own as a cot for your cat, or complete a hard plastic kennel like all those in the Siesta Deluxe series. 

Have you already chosen the right bed for your cat? Choose the comfort and quality of Ferplast, your pet will love it!

Ferplast gatto cuccia Prince

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