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Carriers are must-haves for anyone who owns a dog or a cat: they’re great allies during car trips or when travelling in any other means of transportation, such as trains or airplanes, when the journey is long. Selecting the proper carrier according to the size of your animal is simpler than you think. Just follow our tips!

There are many types of carriers in the market: soft, semi-hard, and hard. The latter are those more commonly used, regardless of the length of the trip. Ferplast’s Atlas carriers are hard models, sturdy and well-structured, perfect for cats and dogs, made with high-quality materials, and available in different sizes.

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Before buying a carrier, you must know which model to choose according to the size of your pet, and the best way to do this is to simply measure your dog. Keep in mind that the carrier must be large enough to allow your pet to sit up and lie down comfortably, so this first step is important.

You should take two factors into account when doing this: the length and the weight of your pet.

1. LENGTH OF THE BACK. Keeping your dog still, use a common measuring tape to measure the length of her back, from the base of the neck to the base of the tail.

2. WEIGHT. Knowing how much your pet weighs is crucial to choose the right carrier size that can be used for a long time.

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Add 50% to the length of the back – that will be the suitable length of the longest size of the carrier you should buy. Just compare this total length with the three available sizes of Atlas carriers for cats and for medium-large dogs:

  • Atlas 10 – 48 x 32.5 x h 29 cm – maximum weight: 5 kg (for small dogs)
  • Atlas 20 – 58 x 37 x h 32 cm – maximum weight: 8 kg (for small dogs and medium cats)
  • Atlas 30 – 60 x 40 x h 38 cm – maximum weight: 15 kg (for medium-large dogs)

Let’s work with an example to make things easier to understand: if the back of your dog is 40 cm long, add 50% (in this case, add 20 cm) of this measurement to obtain a final number (in this case, 40 + 20 cm = 60 cm) that must be the minimum length of the longest side of the carrier. In this specific case, you’d go for an Atlas 30, whose longest side is 60 cm long. Of course, you must also take your pet’s weight into consideration.


Suitable yet not excessive space will allow your pet to travel in comfort from departure to arrival!


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