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The sound of rain can trigger mixed feelings. Some find it relaxing while others find that it brings with it a veil of melancholy. How do our four-legged friends react to the typical sound of the rain on these dreary autumn days?

The relationship between dogs and water is usually positive: very few dogs dislike having a good bath and they rarely avoid jumping into a big puddle or a stream. However, this is not always the case when it rains!

Listening to the sound of the wind and the pouring of rain can create a sense of anxiety and restlessness in our dog and, in particular, when there is thunder and lightning, he no longer listens to anyone.

Why are dogs annoyed by the rain? The sound of rain has quite an impact on a dog’s mood and behaviour. The reason is simple: his hearing is so highly-developed that it can be altered by a continuous, repetitive sound, just like the pit-pat of the rain.

In this regard, have you ever seen your dog intently looking out of the window at the rain falling on the ground? In ninety percent of cases, he will have a slightly disheartened expression on his face and you will almost have the impression that he is looking out into the emptiness.

There is nothing wrong nor is it necessary to be alarmed, as this is a phenomenon that typically affects all pets … at least not until Fido begins to yelp or run around the house in a panic. In this case, you should try to calm him down, stroking him and distracting him with games and some tasty treats.

The fact that a dog tends to get depressed when it rains does not mean that you need to protect him at all costs or keep him away from inclement weather: it is important to go out come rain or shine and, in fact, we assure you that a little rain is good for your dog. All you need is good raincoat and a little bit of resourcefulness and you’re ready to go!

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