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Anyone who has a dog knows what fun it is to see him active, cheerful and carefree. One of the best ways to enjoy this is by playing. There are lots of fun things to do with Rex, and one of them is playing catch with a Frisbee. And not only is it fun to throw, your dog will love – and stay nice and fit – catching it and bringing it back to you.

Frisbees are great toys for dogs as it lets them have so much fun while it releases all kinds of pent-up energy. All the running and catching will keep your dog fit both physically and mentally. Not only, but you can enjoy the pleasure of watching your dog run, jump and grab the disc in mid-air, just like a great athlete!

Another great aspect of Frisbees is that you can play with them just about anywhere there is a bit of open space. And it is in summer that we can let loose with Frisbees, whether it’s on the beach, in the countryside or in a park in the city, maybe in one of those areas set aside especially for playing with your dog, areas where you and your dog won’t risk hurting passers-by.


What are the benefits?

This sport lets you give your dog a good workout and improve his speed, give him great muscle tone and hone his reflexes and resistance, making your four-legged friend even more agile and well-coordinated in terms of movement. And you, the human, also get a nice upper body workout as to throw the Frisbee you use your back muscles, biceps and triceps, not to mention light rotation exercises. It also help you to improve your manual and visual coordination. If you play for a full half hour you will have burned 92 calories!

And there’s more. Being a game that requires two to play, it will bring you and your pet closer together, will improve your communication and help you form a team. A tip? Always give Rex a little treat when he brings back the Frisbee, rewarding him for work well done is a good thing.

Why do dogs love Frisbees?

Dogs love round things. Balls tend to be harder to catch in mid-air, but Frisbees are especially designed so that dogs can grab them as they fly over and hold onto them with their teeth. This success will stimulate him to want to play on and on for long periods of time!

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What sort of Frisbee?

A good Frisbee is not too hard. If it is, it could damage Rex’s mouth and teeth. Get one made of rubber or latex. Both are soft but resistant materials that the dog can grab and run with, without breaking it or getting hurt themselves in the process! Ferplast Frisbees are made of 100% latex and guarantees lots of safe and secure fun. They are slightly rounded at the centre so that they fly for longer, giving the dog more time to line up his strategy and catch it.

Do you want to get started playing Frisbee with your dog? Then read this!

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