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It was time again for Ferplast’s summer festivities as just a few days ago the 51st candle on the cake was blown out! Like every July, the company throws a party for its current and retired employees to celebrate the many long months of hard work and to get together before everyone takes off for the August summer holidays.

The Ferplast company party has become something of a ritual at the beginning of summer, an excuse to gather together as friends and enjoy a nice evening in one another’s company, even with retired colleagues!


Like every year, the venue is one of the Ferplast warehouses at Castelgomberto, which, although it’s an informal place, is the true heart of the company.

The real planners of the party are those who spent the past few days working hard to make sure everything was perfect, from cleaning up the venue to perfection, to the placement of the tables, organizing the areas and, of course, the most important feature of any party: getting the food ready!  There were areas for the aperitif complete with buffet starters and the first courses, and then ended with the fruit and desserts, including a huge fruit tart graced with the brand new Ferplast logo!

ferplast_festa_estate_racconto_blog ferplast_estate_festa_dipendenti

Those who manned the stoves and ovens deserve a very special mention. Under the guidance of Federico, our Ferplast-starred Chef who directed the remarkable work in the kitchen, they designed a menu that left everyone speechless! Literally! Our retired workers also made a tremendous contribution manning the BBQ, laughing and sharing old stories of the early days together.

festa_ferplast_2017 ferplast_festa_aziendale

Halfway through the evening our CEO, Nicola Vaccari, gave a talk that filled us with hope for the future of the company and the continued growth it is enjoying. He graciously thanked the many workers and employees for the great efforts over the past year. Not only, but the new version of the Ferplast logo was also officially presented, the one that graced the dessert!

nicola_vaccari_direttore_generale_ferplast nicola_vaccari_ferplast_direttore azienda_petcare_ferplast_famiglia_vaccari_

The evening continued with music and dancing. The kids had their own safe play area filled with all kinds of fun things to do, decorated with blow-up flamingos and palm trees.  And, like any major event worth its name, there was the photo-booth, the perfect setting for taking pictures and posting them on social media in memory of an unforgettable evening.

ferplast_estate_festa_petcare_azienda festa_ferplast_estate_2017 festa_ferplast_estate_2017_blog ferplast_festa_estate_magazzino

The 250 guests enjoyed an evening filled with emotions and tremendous joy because, as many of them say, being part of this family really is a privilege!

blog_ferplast_festa_aziendale_estate ferplast_azienda_petcare_italiaferplast_azienda_petcare_leader_festa_aziendale estate_2017_festa_aziendale_ferplast lavorare_ferplast_festa_aziendale_estate lavorare_in_ferplast_petcare festa_aziendale_dipendenti_ferplast_estate lavorare_in_Ferplastferplast_azienda_petcare_lavora_con_noifesta_ferplast_blog

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