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Can you too perceive the sweet smell of the holidays? Yes, that long-awaited moment of the year has come and we have every right to enjoy it now and breathe the air of freedom to the full! We are also taking a few days off to dedicate ourselves almost exclusively to our four-legged friends! What are your plans for this August?

The seaside, the mountains, the hills, the lake or relaxing at home? Any place becomes magical at this time of year, especially for those who have worked very hard and now need to recharge their batteries with a peaceful and well-deserved rest. We are certain that your dogs, cats, rabbits and hamsters will be delighted to have you wandering around all the time.

Send us the photo souvenirs of the most outstanding moments of your holidays in the company of your furry best friend, obviously while he is wearing a Ferplast accessory, so that when we return, we will be able to create a wonderful album and share it with you on our social channels!

If you are not yet following us on Instagram, our contact is @ferplast_official. Tag us in the IG Stories and in the photos.

Happy holidays friends! Relax, rest and return full of energy to face a new season full of new items!

Share the love

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