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The most common questions we get about hamsters are those regarding the best cage – questions involve mostly size and the best material. The most popular cages are those made of see-through plastic and the classic ones with bars, but how do you pick one over the other?

There probably isn’t an absolute answer to this dilemma, but let’s try to analyse the motivations behind each choice.


This classic model has a plastic bottom on which the litterbox rests. They’re easy to clean, as the upper part of the bars can be removed. The bars are horizontal to allow for climbing. One of the advantages of cages with bars is increased air circulation, ensuring good health conditions for your hamster even during the summer months. In this case, it’s important to pick a good location for the cage, away from draughts, to which hamsters are very sensitive. A cage with bars is perfect for our furry friends during the hot months – a good example is the latest arrival CRICETI 9 SPACE by Ferplast. This new generation of cages is equipped with useful accessories such as wheel, eating trough and a house-nest, plus a Ferplast novelty, fun stickers to decorate the cage the way you want. A fun game for your kids, who can start a close relationship with the family’s newcomer by helping decorate its home!




These cages are made of a different material: entirely enclosed, they’re made of plastic, except for the upper part, which usually consists of a removable grid. This type of cage is surely more efficient against dangerous draughts when compared with a cage with bars. However, as air circulation is smaller here, these cages must be cleaned more often, and should never be left exposed to direct sunlight, or the temperature inside may become too high. Nonetheless, they’re perfect for anyone who wishes to see their hamster better, such as children, who’ll find it easier to watch their hamster as it goes about its day. Ferplast’s MINI DUNA MAGIC, just like Criceti 9, comes complete with all usual hamster accessories and with fun stickers to make it even more cheerful and customisable by your children. Fun is guaranteed.


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