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Small poodles have a very distinct personality. They are loving and playful, and are considered one of the more intelligent breeds because they are very quick to learn. Not only, but they also have a very strong sense of family and love to play with their owners. Better known for their cute looks and curly hide, little poodles are not especially territorial and, therefore, not especially talented guard dogs.

We have gone to talk with Mila, a young woman who lives together with her pets, her house is full of wonderful furry friends. This time, however, we’re here to talk about only one of them, Nala, a darling little poodle graced with a soft apricot hue. Our aim today is to ask her a few questions about what it’s like to live with this tiny aristocratic dog.


Hi Mila, how long have you had Nala? Had you had other miniature poodles before her?

Nala is three now and she was given to me when she was six months old. I have always had dogs, but she is my first miniature poodle. I have to say that as soon as she set paw into the house she brought a cheerful breath of fresh air with her.

spazzola_per_barbonciniMiniature poodles have something of a special personality. To whom would you recommend one?

It’s true, they are very cheerful and smart little dogs, but they can also be very docile and sweet. What I love about them is that they really like being with people. Nala could care less about where she is, what matters to her is that someone be with her, ready to pamper and talk to her. And yes, she is a loquacious dog, we do a lot of talking together! She’s also quite vain. When she gets home from the grooming salon she spends hours in front of the mirror looking at herself from this angle and that! It’s really funny to watch! She is very sensitive, but that’s true of all miniature poodles, and I think they are really great companions for little children too.


What sort of needs does this type of dog have? Is it hard to groom her?

Like all long haired dogs, Nala needs to be groomed regularly. Her hair grows quickly and I usually have her shaven in May, as soon as the weather starts to get really warm. In August I take her back for a trim to make sure she doesn’t suffer the heat too much. I leave her hair long in winter, trimming here and there now and again. I brush her every day, even sometimes even twice a day when her hair gets long. I use a combination brush. One side of it combs out the knots, while the other side has plenty of soft bristles that give her hair a nice soft glow.


Does she get along with the other pets you have, or does she want to be the centre of attention at all times?

She’s a very sociable dog, but she also very determined. When Nala got here, I already had Chaya, a German shepherd puppy, and although Chaya was far larger, Nala was not to be intimidated! I admit that her more aggressive side came out then, and it took me quite a while to get them to live together in peace and quiet. They’re buddies now, and although sometimes they’ll argue, they do cuddle up together for the night and gang up to pester the cats!


Thank you Mila for having described what life is like with Nala. If you would like to share your experiences, please write to us at, we’d love to come hear your story!

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