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Christmas will be here soon and for many this means getting ready for a much awaited skiing holiday. If your household includes cats and dogs, you need to be well equipped and take everything you need to ensure they have a fabulous time in the mountains. You don’t know what to pack? Here is our advice!

A weekend on the snow is an ideal holiday both for skiers and for those who enjoy being surrounded by nature. A perfect opportunity to take a break from the stress of work and recharge one’s batteries. It is a holiday everybody loves: adults, children and our furry friends.

Walking in the snow with Rover: what you need

One of the activities you can enjoy with your dog is a classic walk in the snow. It is a good idea to protect the paws of your loved one because the cold could irritate his pads and cause them to crack, and icicles could form on his legs or tummy. Take protective shoes and a windproof and waterproof coat, that doesn’t restrict movement and above all traps heat. You must also have a lead, a collar and harness, preferably sporting ones made of technical material so that they don’t absorb water and stay wet. Even when it’s cold you must respect the environment and always bring a poop bag to pick up his mess.

Rover will have insane fun playing and rolling in the soft white mantle. Cats, on the other hand, will probably avoid leaving home if there is snow outside, so will not require any special precautions, at least in this case.

An evening in a winter cabin with your four-legged friend

The friendly and festive atmosphere in winter cabins is worth the whole holiday in the mountains! To make your four-legged friends feel at home, try to bring their basket or a blanket they normally use so that they have a familiar object with them and don’t feel homesick. So while you are busy chatting, they can lie under your chair and snooze. During dinner, try to avoid feeding them titbits; instead come prepared with dog biscuits and snacks so that you can guarantee a healthy diet even during the holiday week.

An afternoon at home with Rover and Felix

There are a number of things and accessories that all furry animals need when they leave home and that it is best to bring with you:

  • a comfortable basket in which to sleep
  • a litter tray
  • water and food bowls
  • toys to pass the time

Smaller dogs, who feel the cold more, will certainly appreciate a warm coat!

So all you have to do is pack your bags! Happy holidays!

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