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Coniglio mentre mangia erba
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The feeding of the domestic rabbit must be as varied as possible. In fact, rabbit food must be similar to what they would eat in nature.

Vegetables are among the favorite foods of rabbits. We are in the middle of the radicchio season, but can the rabbit eat it or not?

Rabbit’s feeding

The rabbit is essentially a herbivorous and crepuscular animal, which is why in nature it usually eats at dawn and dusk. In the rabbit’s diet, hay cannot be missing, which provides it with the right amount of fiber and avoids a possible intestinal blockage, protecting its bacterial flora. In addition to hay, the rabbit naturally feeds on grass, leaves, buds, flowers and bark.Rabbit near hay

Foods not recommended for bunnies

The foods not recommended for rabbits are complex carbohydrates, such as bread, biscuits, bread sticks and pasta, which contain starch and are potentially dangerous for the rabbit’s health. Sweets and chocolate can cause obesity problems.

Can rabbits eat vegetables?

The answer seems obvious, but in reality it is not. In fact, if the bunny is used to eating only feed, vegetables should be introduced with caution, to avoid intestinal blockages or diarrhea due to a sudden change in diet. Furthermore, the vegetables must be given washed, dry and not cold. Vegetables that contain sugar must be administered in a controlled manner.

Can rabbits eat radicchio?

Radicchio is one of the most suitable vegetables for rabbit feed. The red or variegated one, in fact, together with celery and fennel, can be eaten every day. This rabbit food guarantees a good amount of calcium, fiber and water, which ensure lasting energy and well-being. Furthermore, radicchio is rich in vitamins, magnesium and phosphorus.Radicchio on woman's hands

Vegetables, therefore, are among the recommended foods for rabbits, even if not all of them can be given in the same way. Radicchio is one of the most popular vegetables for rabbits and is good for their health.Couple of rabbits is eaten grass

So let’s take advantage of this season rich in radicchio to look after our little friend in a healthy way. Let us also remember to always leave chewable toys available to him, such as Ferplast’s Goodbite Tiny & Natural, useful for limiting the growth of his teeth and to prevent him from gnawing on inedible parts of his habitat.

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