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Beautiful sunshine days are coming, flowers bloom, grass grows again lush and for those who want to bring home a bit of, but have not much space or time at their disposal,  can choose to buy just as a pet a nice canary. Choosing him among the many varieties is not at all easy, above all if you are not experts it’s better to let you be guided by trusted retailers or friends who have already had one . It’s always better to choose one lively, but not unnerved by human presence, make you be attracted by the colour as well as by behavioural characteristics.

The canary is native of the Canary Islands and was discovered by the Europeans about six centuries ago. Since the beginning it was marketed given its ease of domestication. If it was originally of a beautiful grey-green colour with yellow shades, now we find it in many varieties, as well as in many sizes and shapes according to the race. It is a pet with a quiet nature, it also lives in small cages therefore it is ideal for those who want to explore the world of animals, without having to upset its rhythms of life and your house. It’s better to choose between a cage which develops in height and one horizontally, the second one, since they fly perpendicularly to the ground and not upwards. The bottom of the cage must be covered with sand, pebbles or newspapers, to allow a fast and constant cleaning and with a grid which divides the bottom with manure from paws. You can also try to use even the cat litter which results to be excellent even for small birds such as canary. In the cage, there must be two higher perches but not too much because it mustn’t hit with its head against the upper part of the cage and a lower and more central third perch. The cage must be equipped with a manger and a water bowl. Other containers to be placed on the bottom are useless and a bit annoying for the animal. The cage must be then placed in a quiet environment, high and away from currents of air or from the kitchen where some materials which pots are made of, are lethal for the pet. We will come back to talk again about these delightful small birds, ideal even for a first approach of the children to the world of domestic pets, useful to teach to and take care of a small animal which, although autonomous it must be always cared for.

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