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The disgruntled expression on this cat’s face has made her owner very rich. Better known as Grumpy Cat, she’s the world’s richest cat.

Grumpy Cat has an under-bite and is affected by feline dwarfism, and this makes her expression always seem grumpy, so much so that she’s become the spokescat for internet cynicism.

Her real name is Tardar Sauce, but her stage name is Grumpy cat. You’ve probably seen her on the web at one point or another.

She makes TV guest appearances, has been on magazine covers, newspapers, in books and soon in the movies too! Since 2012, like any self-respecting star, she has her own agent and millions of fans on all the social media. But that’s not all, there is even an iced coffee named after Grumpy Cat, Grumpuccino, and together with her brother Pokey, she’ll star in a comic book called The Misadventures of Grumpy Cat.

Her owner, Tabatha Bundensen, was a waitress at the famous Red Lobster restaurant chain, and according to the Daily Mail she has earned more than 100 million dollars thanks to her kitty. Not bad, especially when you realise that she has exceeded the earnings of such Hollywood stars as Nicole Kidman and Cameron Diaz!

But if you think that little Grumpy doesn’t live a nice peaceful life, what with all the attention she gets, Tabatha reassures us she does: Grumpy goes for photo shoots just one day a week and other appearances are kept to a minimum. That’s a relief!



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