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Now that spring is here and the sun has decided to peek out from behind the clouds, we can all fully enjoy our Easter holidays and give ourselves the gift of a couple of days of well-earned rest! But this year Easter will be somewhat different, as it’ll fall on April’s Fool Day. Oh yes, the good ol’ April’s Fool pranks will be replaced by eggs and nice little bunnies!

We already knew that 2018 would be a special year, but even more so when we noticed that Easter would fall on April 1st. But fear not, we won’t be playing any practical jokes, quite the opposite: just keep in mind that the blog will go on a break as well – just a couple of days!

Have you already decided what you’ll be doing on the holidays? We’ve already given you a recipe for an Easter picnic – bunny-shaped biscuits – and we’ve also come up with some wild ideas on how to decorate your Easter table.

And remember, whether you’re having a family meal or are spending those days abroad, the important thing is to be in the company of your pets too! Remember to share your pictures on our Facebook page (@Ferplast) and Instagram (@ferplast_official) under #ferplast.

We wish you a sweet Easter, just as sweet as the chocolate and colombas you’ll be enjoying!

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