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Do you remember the article we printed not long ago about the new Ferplast logo, the one we designed to celebrate our 50th birthday? Well, now we’d like to tell you a little about what happened during those 50 years, because it’s about how we got to where we are today.

We reached this magnificent age thanks to Carlo Vaccari and his sister, Caterina. They began what we now know as Ferplast in 1966, in a 50 sq metres room that looked out over a courtyard in the province of Vicenza, a room where they hand crafted bird cages out of plasticized iron, the material that gave the company its name.

first hand crafted bird cage by Ferplast made of plasticized iron

This tale of self-made success shares many of the characteristics of similar stories: a dream – in this case that of saving up to buy an Alfa Romeo – paired with ambition, a willingness to sacrifice, a healthy dose of courage, plenty of commitment and a pinch of good luck.

Between intuition, passion, long days of hard work, difficult choices and sleepless nights, Carlo and Caterina’s Ferplast gradually grew. Soon, after a few moves to more spacious locations and the launch of the plastics department, all kinds of products for every sort of pet imaginable joined the bird cages on the list of products they crafted.

The need to grow further and expand production facilities, as well as the export business, gradually began to be felt. Today there are 12 sales offices and 3 plants where Ferplast products are lovingly manufactured. After many years of hard work and commitment, the company today exports to 85 countries on 5 continents and industrially produces 4,000 references for the comfort of all, and we mean ALL, of our beloved pets.

Ferplast's branches all around the World

The secret of our success is constant movement, keeping one step ahead of events and knowing how to adapt quickly to change. This is another reason why we decided to welcome the input of new generations. Nicola, son of Carlo, took over as the new young Managing Director at the helm of Ferplast in 2008 and immediately proved his entrepreneurial skills during the long years of crisis that subsequently affected the world’s economy.

Our strong point has always been, and remains, our product. Ferplast is synonymous with quality, technology and design. This is the result of hefty investments in research and development, of the desire to always offer pets the finest items to live with, find the most applicable solutions and the most advanced technology to satisfy the client’s every need.

The client is who we pay the most attention to today, the person we seek to please as often as possible, and we do this thanks to ceaseless work on the web and all the new media – websites, blogs and social networks. We use a modern language to communicate with our clients, we listen to them, we study their feedback, hear their needs.

Ferplast's headquarters in Italy

In order to celebrate this most important of years, Ferplast has created some limited edition items for all the pets we serve, items which you can find only in the finest of stores. Keep following us on Facebook, Instagram and on our blog to find out what they are!

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