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If you have a garden that is completely fenced in and free from holes in the fencing, springtime can be a great time to let your rabbits roam freely in the out of doors. We went to visit with Edoardo and Brando, who showed us how they spend afternoons with their furry little friends as they hop happily in the fresh grass.

Before you free your rabbits into the garden make sure it is safely fenced and remember that they love to dig and easily overcome obstacles. A simple fence may not be enough. Once you’ve secured the borders, you have to look at what’s growing in the garden, as some plants can actually be harmful to them. Cherry trees are bad, but so are primroses, lily of the valley, and narcissus.


Make sure no local feral cats can get into the garden either. They can be very dangerous to rabbits and consider them prey. Another piece of valuable advice is to use an anti-parasitic on your rabbits, your vet will know which one best meets your needs. Don’t use the ones you use on your cat or dog! Many rabbits die every year as a result of being given the wrong product.

Once you’ve done all that, your rabbit can be set free in the garden and left to play. Edoardo and Brando spend a lot of time with their furry pals out in the garden. So as not to have to move their cage around too often, they have put a small, soft bed out for them. One side is soft, the other is waterproof and it’s a great pad for them to rest on.




Ibra and Boateng have plenty of things to play with, but their favourites are VOLCANIC ROCK and GOOD BITE TINY&NATURAL, that can be chewed on. This type of chewing toy is very good for them as it stops their teeth from growing too long. They are non toxic and so they are safe if accidently swallowed, ecological and even biodegradable. Another fun toy for their time in the garden is a tunnel in which they can hide and have fun together. Don’t forget to put out a small food dispenser for them too. If they get hungry, they should have some fresh straw to eat.




Before bringing them back in the house, give them a good brushing. When the weather gets warmer, they need to be brushed at least once a day to get rid of the old and excess hair.



We are grateful to Edoardo and Brando for having shown us what an afternoon in the garden with their long-eared friends is like, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send us an email at


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