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Do you regularly take Fido out in the morning or the evening? When there is not much light, it is always advisable to wear clothing with reflective details so as to be clearly visible to motorists and to walk in safety. The same goes for our furry friends.

After a day of work there is nothing nicer than going home and spending some time with your four-legged companion, perhaps even going for a walk together. Now that it is hot, however, we have to wait for the sun to go down before taking our pups for a stroll. In fact, going for a walk is ideal during the evening hours because the temperatures are closer to what is optimal for our dogs.


Walking at twilight is certainly charming and relaxing, however visibility is greatly reduced and it is easy to become confused about your surroundings, being invisible to those nearby and putting at risk not only your own safety, but also that of the canine.

For this reason, we have devised a line of reflective and flashing collars that are perfect for heading outdoors with Fido in the dark, without taking any risks: the Solar Night Collar and Night Over-Collar.


Made of nylon, the Solar Night Collar is equipped with reflective inserts and LED lights with flashing or continuous light mode, selectable through the appropriate button. What renders this pet accessory unique is the fact that it works without batteries, the charging occurring via sunlight or USB cable. When used in flashing mode, it can last for around 5 hours. The Solar Night Collar is available in two sizes, one suitable for medium-small size dogs and the other for larger ones.



The Night Over-Collar, rather, is a flashing collar cover made with high-quality silicone, resistant to water and particularly sturdy, to be worn over the regular collar. Thanks to the LED lighting, this accessory is visible at twilight or in the dark and, depending on its charge level and the surrounding light conditions, provides visibility of up to 500 metres.  In accordance with your needs, you can decide whether to keep the light continuous, flashing slowly or blinking fast, with the length of the tube able to be easily adjusted simply by shortening with a pair of scissors.

consigli_collari_led_luminosi_cane_passeggiata_serale Since the leash itself can become a dangerous snare, even turning into an obstacle when in the path of a bicycle, it is important that this also be reflective or has details that emit light. Ferplast’s Ergoled model perfectly fulfils this need, being equipped with reflective inserts and LED lights that operate in two modes, continuous or flashing.


With these items, you can be more relaxed about going out in the evening with your loyal companion, knowing that your pet will have higher visibility for others and be easily locatable by you even when left to roam free.


Did we give you some helpful ideas for your future evening walks? We look forward to hearing your ideas too – don’t forget to share them with us via our social media profiles on Facebook and Instagram.


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