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The plastics department of Ferplast turned 25 this year.

Time has certainly flown by and to celebrate, the employees planned a party for this department of marvels, where some of the company’s greatest products have been created.

From food bowls to carriers, from dog houses to the Dudu baggie holders, for 25 years now our company’s plastics department has been the star of our success and the finest example of the commitment that distinguishes Ferplast.

Thanks to this department our catalogue is rife with a wide variety of dog and cat accessories, items that make up a great part of our production.

The 25-year mark is an important one and the employees at the plastics department, with the full support of their colleagues, organised a huge party in the warehouse, which was turned into a mega-restaurant complete with kitchen, beautifully decorated tables and a friendly and highly efficient ‘part-time’ staff (them, of course!).

Among them we found an authentic chef, who with his well-trained team prepared a menu rife with such local specialties as gnocchi alla fioretta.

The department’s employees also got together and gave the Vaccari family a very special plaque of thanks and admiration.

The Vaccaris were truly moved by this heartfelt affection and commitment.

Nicola Vaccari, our General Manager, congratulated everyone and expressed his own deep gratitude.

When dinner was over, it was time for dancing and the warehouse filled with music and fun!


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