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If you think that having a facebook, twitter or instagram account was something only humans could have, then think again! BauWow is the social network set up especially for your dog. Aside from being a social network devoted entirely to pets, complete with a personal profile and a page on which to post pictures and where you’ve been, it also lets you locate vets, parks, dog-friendly beaches and other services that can be helpful to your pet.

Let’s see how this works. Thanks to the Bauwow app, you can identify areas and parks in your city where your dog can go, and even see who is there right then and go play with them!

All you have to do is make a profile page for your furry friend, add his/her buddies and, just like a human social network, make pet play dates so they can get together and have fun in their favourite playgrounds.

Even when you’re on holiday, Bauwow is really useful because it gives you immediate access to everything you’ll need to care for your pet: find out what hotels are pet-friendly in the area you’re headed to, where they can go run around, local vets, pet shops, grooming facilities, walkers, sitters and good kennels.

You can download it for free to your smartphone and use it to share the good times, post pictures of your dog, but also make friends with those who share your passion for the four-legged companions of our lives.


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