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Conversion of part of the production in the Ferplast Ukraine plant, for the production of protective masks to face the Coronavirus emergency.

The operation was promoted Ferplast General Manager, Nicola Vaccari, who since the beginning of the Coronavirus emergency has reorganized the entire work of the company, owning 3 plants in Europe and several commercial branches around the world, since the end of February, anticipating the decrees of the Prime Minister Conte.

We put the health of our collaborators at the first place, that’s why we ensured that all Ferplast employees could work from home before the government stopped all the activities. As far as production and warehouses are concerned, we have given precise guidelines since several weeks already: distancing workers and all equipped with masks“.

In the meantime, the plant in Ukraine, usually dedicated to textile production, has been partially and temporarily converted to the production of masks.

The employees, usually dedicated to the sewing of cushions for our pets, have been trained in the new type of production and the activity has already entered full speed last week. The first production was donated to the municipality of Zitomyr.

With the approval of the administration of Zitomyr, an Ukrainian provincial and regional capital with 350,000 inhabitants, we have converted part of the production. Ferplast Ukraine currently has the capacity to produce 5,000 masks per day with cutting-edge, protective and washable fabrics. Thanks to our Italian director Valter Zordan and to the Ukrainian-Italian team for the rapid conversion of some production lines “says Nicola Vaccari and adds” We quickly responded to the call of the authorities to give an indispensable service in this unique historical moment, to give our contribution and to be able to return to normal life soon ”.

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