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Adopting a pet is doubtlessly one of the best choices anyone can make in life though, as all other creatures, they also need attention. If you’re away for the weekend, all you have to worry about is leaving them water and food. You’ll realise you can stay away for a couple of days without losing your sleep.

Whether it’s a business trip or a weekend away for pleasure, sooner or later all of us will find ourselves in the situation of having to leave our pets behind. To avoid the need to bother friends or family with the burden of looking after our four-legged friend, all you need is a survival kit.


Cats, compared to dogs, are normally good at managing their own time: they sleep, play and eat all by themselves. If you want to make your cat’s home-alone weekend a comfortable and pleasant experience, you’ll need only a couple of things:

1) WATER FOUNTAIN. Cats are always looking for fresh, clean water; they hate “old” water. You’d better find yours a water fountain, such as Ferplast’s Vega model, with a spring effect that ensures continuous circulation. Place it away from her litterbox, as cats are finicky animals. With its anti-slip feet, it will take much more than a paw to tip it over.


2) FOOD. To make sure that Fluffy will get her daily meal while you’re away, put her food in two different containers: a simple bowl for the first day, and Ferplast’s Cometa automatic dispenser for the second. Cometa can be adjusted with a timer so that it only opens at the established time. With this system, your cat is covered for the entire weekend. The container with timer has a capacity of 0.4 litre, can be programmed for up to 44 hours, and is easy to clean: simply remove the bowl.

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3) LITTERBOX. Of course, what goes in must also come out, and your cat will need a place to do her business: make sure the sand in her litterbox is clean before you leave, so she’ll be ok for the two days you’ll be away, and peeing and pooping won’t be a problem. If you fear she’ll misbehave in your absence and soil your house out of spite, close the doors to the rooms you want to protect. Spread a cover on your sofa, too, if you want.


Now you’re really ready to go away with your mind in peace, leaving your cat happy at home with everything she needs at paw’s reach!



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