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We all know that winter is approaching fast and, in order to protect ourselves from the cold, we need to drink a lot of hot tea and wear heavy pullovers and coats. But what about our four-legged friends? They also feel the cold and, therefore, need to be protected by a soft, warm coat, just like those in Ferplast’s Bau Bau Moda autumn/winter collection.

Protecting puppies when the weather first turns cold is important for various reasons: low temperatures, sudden shifts in temperature and draughts can, in fact, have a negative effect on their health. For this reason, we must keep our pups covered up and well protected and, when we take them out for a walk, it is best if they wear a coat.


Also this year, Ferplast’s designers have created a special range of coats, suitable for a wide variety of needs and for dogs of all sizes. As well as having been designed with even the smallest details in mind, to guarantee the utmost comfort while keeping your puppy covered up, the BAU BAU MODA autumn-winter collection is also particularly trendy, because, as we say, even our pups deserve to be stylish!

cappotto_cane_inverno_consigli cappotti_cane_quale_acquistare

Ferplast coats come in a large number of patterns and colours and their Italian design can be seen at first glance; the padded, windproof fabric used for many models will protect your pup from the most bitter cold and from the damp. These garments are also very comfortable, because many of them have an incorporated collar, which is easy to put on, thanks to the micro-adjustment system.

bau_bau_moda_ferplast_cappotti collare_incorporato_cappotti_cane_ferplast

If you love classic quilted coats, there are the Husky Brown and Anorak Pois models, both of which have a handy hood, while fans of faux fur really must opt for Kingo with animal print design. Then there is the Coco Trench, which is embellished with sequins and is perfect for the most glamorous little dogs.

If you are looking for a versatile garment with colours that are easy to match, Grace is the best choice for you. You can see it in these photos, being worn by sweet little Kim. The black and white checked pattern never goes out of fashion, but to make it a little more trendy, some small beige detail has been added; this little coat, made from top quality materials, has an excellent fit and is easy to put on, thanks to the Velcro fastening on the chest. In this way, you can dress your pup with just a few easy steps, without trying his patience.

cappotto_ferplast_inverno_chiusura cappottino_grace_ferplast_come_lavarecappottino_grace_ferplastcappottini_ferplast_bau_bau

There really are coats for all tastes. All you have to do is choose the right model and the one that best suits your pet!

pelliccia_ferplast_cane caratteristiche_cappottini_ferplast volpino_razza_cane

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