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gatto del bengala curiosità
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Adventurous and with an exotic and magnetic appearance, we are talking about Alex. The beautiful Bengal cat who breaks hearts among his followers and that has become one of the most loved Ferplast Ambassadors.

We interviewed Alexandra, Alex’s very young human mom. She told us something more about the character and passions of the famous cat and their beautiful relationship. If you wish to adopt a Bengal cat you can certainly find some interesting ideas from this reading.

Hi Alexandra, since how many years have you been living with Alex?

Alex has been with me for the last two years, yet I feel like I’ve lived with him forever. We immediately established a deep relationship, I would dare to say symbiotic, and these 24 months have been wonderful! February 26 will be his birthday. He is becoming a grown paw and I have planned an intimate party for him (for obvious reasons it will be me, him and my partner!).

What is the thing you love the most about Alex?

I love everything about him! If I had to choose one aspect that makes him so special, above all I would say his adventurous spirit. Cats are usually sedentary and homely, but Alex is a born explorer and I found a bold travel companion!

Alex loves going out and trekking in the mountains. Sometimes I feel like I have a little dog around the house! He makes me smile when he stands by the door, begging me to take him for a ride to the lake! When he wears the Ferplast Nikita harness and the leash he runs happily far and wide.

Given your passion for travel, how did you manage these months of lockdowns at home?

It was not easy, Alex is an energetic cat, he sleeps little and runs a lot, so I had to invent many activities to do at home. We are playing a lot with sticks with pendants, fishing pods and with classic plush mice.  He usually comes to me with the prey in his mouth waiting for me to throw it at him!

 What are the Ferplast accessories that you never part with?

The green velvet pillow Prince wins Alex’s heart accessory award! I don’t know if there is a soothing chamomile essence hidden inside, but it is the only place in the house where he can relax and sink into long naps. It’s soft and warm, and then the green goes well with its spotted coat. We are also comfortable with the Nikita harness, essential together with the leash to go out in total safety.

How do you take care of a Bengal cat’s coat?

Good question, I am that kind of mother who pays a lot of attention to the hygiene of her cat! Bengal cat are known for their sumptuous coat, inherited from its Asian leopard ancestors. For keeping it shiny and soft, I brush it once every two days. Nutrition also matters a lot. I buy him specific treats for his breed, fresh raw tuna (which he loves!) and boiled chicken. In addition to combing his fur, I brush his teeth every night and when necessary we cut the tips of his nails. Here is revealed the secret of such great beauty!

Is Alex a friendly cat or does he tend to stick with his own?

Even if he’s a cat, he gets along with everyone, even with big dogs… but cats! Maybe it’s because he thinks he is a dog, but he is unable to establish a good relationship with the other felines.

He is super friendly with new people. Every now and then, because of his leopard-like appearance, they ask us if he’s aggressive and that makes me smiling. He does not have the instinct to scratch, he has never done so in his life. Indeed, he always looks for me with his eyes and never loses sight of me. Even when I get home from work, he happily runs to cherish me.

Special thanks to our Ambassador Alex and Alexandra, follow their adventures on Instagram @thebengalalex

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