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Ferplast 100% snack dentali cane
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Stick-shaped, fusilli-like, resembling a toothbrush, a bone or a sweet treat, Ferplast has crafted a brand new line of vegetarian dental snacks for dogs! These aren’t merely great for your dog’s oral health, but also for their overall well-being. Let’s find out why!

Why Choose Ferplast’s Vegetarian Dental Dog Snacks

Numerous studies have shown that dogs often suffer from oral health issues, specifically involving their teeth and gums. Our new vegetarian dental dog snacks ensure the proper and consistent oral hygiene of your dog. How? The mechanical process of chewing helps remove plaque and significantly reduce tartar formation.

Moreover, Ferplast’s new dental snacks are not just beneficial for oral hygiene, they’ve been specially formulated to cater to diverse needs, thanks to their functional ingredients. Discover all the latest updates!

100% Snack Ferplast grafiche

Functional Vegetarian Dental Dog Snacks

Ferplast’s 100% Snack range has been designed to be vegetarian, healthy and at the same time, tasty and tempting! The snacks only contain natural ingredients combined in a way that makes them even more delicious than traditional vegetarian snacks available in the market.

But why all the different colours? Each colour represents a particular beneficial function for your four-legged friend. Note that even the colourings are natural, derived from plant concentrates.

Let’s explore the additional benefits of Ferplast’s 100% Snacks.

100% Snack Ferplast funzioni grafiche

Vegetarian Dental Dog Snacks for Bad Breath – Green

The active ingredient in these snacks is Ascophyllum Nodosum seaweed, a plant rich in natural components that help limit tartar growth in your dog’s teeth. It indeed reduces plaque bacteria proliferation, preventing bad breath and slowing down tartar formation.

Vegetarian Dental Dog Snacks for Gut Health – Yellow

If your dog frequently suffers from gut-related issues, these snacks could provide great benefits. The Euglena Gracilis seaweed flour in these tasty treats helps maintain a healthy immune system and good intestinal function.

Vegetarian Dental Dog Snacks for Odour Control – Red

Bad odours in the feces? Don’t worry, Ferplast has crafted dental snacks for dogs with Yucca Schidigera, which is also great for this issue! The vitamins and minerals within help reduce your dog’s fecal odour thanks to their purifying action.

Ferplast Thor cane snack dentali

Vegetarian Dental Dog Snacks with Relaxing Effect – Purple

It’s well known that lemon balm (melissa Officinalis)  has a sedative and relaxing effect on humans. The same occurs in our four-legged friends, who thanks to the calming properties of this dental snack, can relax and alleviate stress, perhaps caused by a journey or vet visits.

Vegetarian Dental Dog Snacks for Joint Health – Paprika Colour

Did you know that eggshell membrane is a natural source of collagen and hyaluronic acid? These snacks with Ovopet® help maintain your dog’s joint health and guarantee an active and lively life, improving mobility.

Fillable Vegetarian Dental Dog Snacks

Additionally, some forms of dental snacks designed by Ferplast can also be filled with dog toothpaste, tasty pates, or functional pastes to make them even more effective or tempting. It will be nearly impossible for your four-legged friend to resist these delicious bites!

The sizes of the vegetarian dental dog snacks have been designed to satisfy chewing according to the size and scale of your pet. Choose the one that suits them best to ensure health along with play, entertainment… and great taste!

100% Snack is a product entirely made in Italy!

100% Snack Ferplast caratteristiche

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