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All dogs are irresistible, true, but when you look into the big sweet eyes of an English Setter, it really is impossible not to fall in love. This breed is one of the most beloved, for their sheer beauty and for their other fine qualities. Setters are very lively, somewhat madcap, active dogs that love the out of doors. Let’s take a look at why they are so very popular.

The English Setter is the best known member of the family that includes the Irish and the Scottish Setter, yet it differs from its cousins for its long and silky white hair. Their origins date to the XVI century when their predatory skills came to the attention of the hunting nobility, who then made use of them as hunting dogs. Still, their sweet and affectionate nature also helped to officially establish them as house pets, enlivening the home with all their playful cheer.


English Setters are medium sized dogs, powerful and elegant creatures that distinguish themselves for their trim and athletic build. They are well-proportioned, muscular but not overly robust. Not only, but their big brown eyes can melt the hearts of even the most hardened souls.

Their character is lively and friendly, and they create strong bonds with people. Aside from playing with a ball, their favourite sport is running. All you have to do is unleash him in an open field, a park or any open space and watch him take off at neck breaking speeds, obviously running the risk that no matter how hard you call, what tricks you use to attract him, it may be a while before he returns to you! They really are madcap digs, and being curious by nature they love to run around and investigate every nook and cranny. That’s who they are!


The English Setter’s strong points are agility, thanks to the conformation of their strong yet lightweight bones, and their extraordinary sense of smell, which is why they are bred as hunting dogs. Their noses are amazing tools and more often than not you’ll find the English Setter with his face lifted to the sky, studying the scents that travel in the breeze.

If you decide to adopt an English Setter, make sure you have plenty of time available to take him for long walks. In return, he will give you all the love in the world and remain by your side through thick and thin.

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