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Cane nella nebbia con pettorina Ferplast
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Is the dog’s rich furry coat enough to protect him from the winter cold? The answer is not entirely obvious. A dog’s coat changes according to his lifestyle. If he lives inside it will be less dense and will have less protective effect.

Furthermore, the changes in temperature between inside and outside in the winter period put the dog’s coat to the test. Not only in summer but also in winter it is essential to take care of the dog’s coat, which protects him from the surrounding climate.

What is the dog’s coat for?

The dog’s coat has a un insulating function. In winter it prevents the cold from reaching the skin, preventing the body from cooling down.
In summer, the coat insulates the dog from the heat and protects his skin from the sun’s rays.
During the autumn, the dog prepares to shed its coat in view of the winter period. In this season, the undercoat becomes much thicker to better withstand the cold.

Given the important function of a protective shield, it is necessary to know the characteristics of your dog’s coat in order to take care of it appropriately.Dog during the grooming with Ferplast product

Dog coat care

To keep the dog’s coat healthy, shiny and strong, it is important to observe a series of simple precautions.

Dog coat grooming

The first rule for a shiny and tidy coat is to brush it regularly and wash it only when needed. A felted coat may be ineffective as a protection against the cold.

Grooming changes depending on the type of coat.

If the dog has a short and dense coat, it is good to brush it with a special rubber glove.

For short-haired dogs, the use of a comb with short and dense teeth can be associated.

In the case of a dog with medium or semi-long hair, with dense and woolly undercoat, it is advisable to brush it once a week with a carder to eliminate dead hair and untie the knots. As a final treatment it is always advisable to use a soft brush, which can also be used daily to tidy up the hair, remove dirt and polish it.

Finally, for long-haired dogs, it is better to opt for a wide-toothed comb with rounded tips to loosen the knots, a carder and finally a brush.

In any case, it is not advisable to brush the dog’s coat too vigorously because the skin could become irritated.

Provide the dog with proper nutrition

Among the factors that influence the health of the dog’s hair in winter there is also nutrition. The dog must follow a balanced diet, which gives him the right amount of nutrients. Hydration is also important. Drinking water, in fact, allows the hair and the body to stay healthy.Dog is eating from Ferplast bowls

Protect the dog with a coat or jacket

Finally, to protect the dog from the cold, especially if it is short-haired, we can opt for the purchase of coats to wear during walks in the open air. In this period we recommend the Equipe model by Ferplast, waterproof and windproof with internal microfleece and built-in collar, or Techno, also by Ferplast, which is also reflective and suitable for evening outings.Dog in the snow with Ferplast coat

With its very important thermoregulatory function, the dog’s coat helps the animal protect itself from the cold and seasonal diseases, which is why it is so important to take care of it.

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