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Ferplast gatto in viaggio trasportino jet
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Are you planning a trip with your cat and are not sure what to take with you? Or are you afraid of forget something important?

In this article we give you all the useful tips to organize the trip with your cat in the best way and not forget anything!

What to pay attention to

Traveling with your cat is not mission impossible. However, compared to dogs, cats are more instinctive animals, often get scared more easily and don’t like changes. For these reasons, there are some precautions to be taken to guarantee your cat a journey as peaceful as possible.

Travel safely

First of all, it is very important to guarantee your cat safety and stability. Whether the journey lasts several hours or just a few minutes, not only must cats travel with safe accessories, but they must also feel at ease and in a firm and stable position. And be careful, never leave your cat alone in the car, especially in summer temperatures.

Know your cat

No one better than the owner knows their own cats, their behavior and temperament. If they have difficulties in adapting, are not sociable and fearful, the trip will certainly not be a positive experience for them. This is why you need to evaluate their character first and understand whether traveling with your cat could be a good idea or not.

Do not feed the cat before leaving

Before and during the journey it is important to avoid feeding the cat, especially if you are traveling by car. In fact, giving him food could cause motion sickness, nausea and consequent vomiting.

If the planned trip is very long, we recommend making frequent stops to feed her a little and wait a few minutes before setting off again.

Ferplast gatto viaggio Trasportino Atlas Open

What accessories to pack

What are the essential accessories for traveling with your cat? Here is everything that absolutely cannot be missing in your pet’s suitcase!


The pet carrier is certainly a must-have, anyway be careful, it is strongly recommended to secure it to the car seat. Often when cats get agitated they tend to move a lot, especially in tight spaces.

Ferplast offers various types of pet carriers, each with very specific characteristics. Here are some of the recommended ones.

Atlas Deluxe Open pet carrier: Sturdy and resistant, this carrier has an openable top which can be used to introduce your cat more easily and offers at the same time greater visibility. Very secure thanks to to a special lock system which prevents accidental openings during travel. It also guarantees maximum ventilation thanks to the side slits. Atlas Deluxe is surely one of the best choice for a long lasting product.

Jet pet carrier: With an innovative design, it is equipped with a scratch and impact-resistant transparent plastic door. Very stylish thanks to the nice design and trendy colors, it’s a great deal for comfortable trips with your cat. 

Ferplast gatto in viaggio trasportino jet

Litter box

It will also be important to bring the cat toilet with you, even better if it is the one your cat usually uses. In fact, she will certainly need to do his business and having her usual litter box will help him a lot to feel in a more familiar and everyday environment. We recommend NIP PLUS, a handy plastic litter tray with upper frame to fix the hygienic bag.

Harness with leash

If you have planned a quite long trip, a cat harness with a leash can be very useful. During travel stops it will help you get your cat out of the carrier, without ever losing control of her. Nikita by Ferplast guarantees maximum comfort, it is adjustable and with a convenient snap clip closure.

Ferplast pettorina per gatti Jogging

Delicious treats

Don’t forget the snacks and treats your cat loves! In addition to food and water, remember to bring some treats with you to make the trip more enjoyable and to keep your cat busy with something tasty. His favorite snacks will be a great help and a way to calm him down and make him feel loved.

Other accessories

Among the other essential accessories when you want to travel with your cat, there are certainly absorbent mats, such as Genico Basic by Ferplast. Having a bowl for water and food with you is also very useful, perfect during stops to give your cat a drink. The Yappy bowl is specially designed for travel and is an excellent space saver because it is collapsible.

It is also advisable to always have a small toy with you to entertain your cat and a scratching post that is easy to carry, such as PA 5620 by Ferplast, a paw-shaped mat with a built-in toy ball.

Cats are very sensitive animals to their smell. Bring their blanket or bed with you, the same one you use when they are at home. It will help your pet feel more relaxed and feel the spaces around them less alien.

One tip is to always ask your vet before traveling with your cat. He will be able to giv

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