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Ferplast sterilizzazione cane marrone e bianco e nero
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Dog neutering procedure? It is always advisable to get as much information as possible first and to contact your veterinary surgeon for a consultation.

One usually opts for dog neutering for purely ‘practical’ reasons. Managing a large litter of puppies or your pet’s heat periods is no picnic. However, these are not the only reasons. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of dog’s castration in order to assess whether or not to proceed with this practice.

Ferplast sterilizzazione cani cuccioli

The advantages of dog neutering 

If you choose to have your dog neutered, one of the advantages will certainly be to avoid unwanted pregnancies. As already pointed out, managing large litters and finding a family for all new arrivals is not easy. For females, therefore, it seems to be the best solution.

However, castration of dogs also has other important advantages, which affect the health of the animal itself. In both males and females, in fact, it has been shown that this practice helps to significantly prevent the risk of mammary and uterine cancer on the one hand, and testicular and prostate cancer on the other. 

Finally, males that undergo sterilisation almost completely lose their desire to mate. This will enable them to avoid running away from home, which can often be very dangerous. 

The disadvantages of dog neutering

Neutering, however widespread, is in any case a surgical operation and as such involves the use of anaesthesia. There is a remote possibility that the dog may have an unexpected reaction to the anaesthetic. This is why it is essential to always rely on professionals and experts.

Neutering the dog may also lead to the animal gaining a lot of weight due to the change in metabolism that this practice entails. This occurs mainly in dogs that tend to be sedentary, but the problem can be solved with increased physical activity and a controlled diet. 

Female dogs that undergo sterilisation may suddenly suffer from urinary incontinence. This disturbance may be temporary or prolonged. In any case, to manage the new situation, Ferplast recommends the culottes Hygienic especially designed for dogs of all sizes. 

Ferplast culotte igienica per cani

The sterilisation of the dog: the post-operative phase 

The post-operative phase is not difficult to manage and recovery times for neutered dogs are fortunately short. You can, however, help your pet with some small care!

  1. Create a warm and comfortable environment, trying to avoid annoying noises to give your dog a chance to rest and recover. 
  2. Do not leave your dog at home alone for too long. He will need care, attention and love in the days following the operation and having you near him will make him feel calm and safe.
  3. Try to watch your diet and prepare light meals for him.
  4. Check that your dog does not lick the wound or pull out his stitches. It is best to leave the plaster on and check from time to time that the incision is dry.
  5. Check that the dog does not exert physical effort. He should rest and avoid running, jumping, climbing stairs and so on to ensure that he does not accidentally pull out the wound stitches.

What do you think about dog neutering? Are you for or against this practice?

Ferplast lettino Memor-One sterilizzazione

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