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Why do cats climb? Although the cat is a domesticated animal, it retains in its nature and instinct many aspects typical of wild animals, in its case the passion to climb high places. 

If the cats climb a tree, it is therefore hardly surprising, but rather a clear indication of how their predatory nature is still preserved today. 

Why do cat climb high?

Climbing up to high places is part of the instinct of these animals and can depend on a variety of reasons. 

The first is that cats perceive high places as safer. Although this may seem like nonsense to us, the motivation is actually very simple. High places make felines feel less vulnerable and less accessible to predators or danger. That is why cats still tend to go to high places, perhaps to rest or to escape from something they perceive as a threat.

Furthermore, as many cat owners will have noticed, these animals like to observe their surroundings very much. The elevated position of some places allows them to inspect their surroundings and increase their view.

Finally, cats are particularly curious animals with a strong instinct for exploration. A cat climbing a tree will be able to discover and vent its instincts, using up the energy accumulated during the day to explore the territory.

gatto tigrato si arrampica su albero

Why do cats climb but not know how to climb down?

It often seems comical and peculiar to us that cats can climb very well and effortlessly, but are often unable to climb down on their own. This particular condition is an obvious consequence of the cat’s domestication process.

In fact, the domesticated feline, while retaining an innate tendency to climb and reach even very high places, tends to lead a sedentary or non-sedentary life of ‘thrill’ and ‘wildness’. It could be said then that their instinctive nature is not compensated for by their habits and skills. 

Many felines accustomed to being outdoors and exploring are in fact able with time and experience to learn to descend even from very high places. Those cats, on the other hand, who tend to stay indoors a lot and who are not particularly active, will have great difficulty if they involuntarily reach heights higher than they can handle, because they are inexperienced. 

gatto pelo lungo si arrampica su albero

Perches for cats, cat perches by Ferplast

Ferplast products are designed starting from the study and observation of animal behaviour, to devise solutions that can satisfy their needs as much as possible. Analysing cats’ passion for climbing and observing their surroundings from above, a number of products have been created with raised cat platforms, which help cats to give vent to their natural instincts even in the home environment. Here are the most popular ones:

The scratching post Amir

The Amir cat scratching post consists of several units: a wicker house with a cushion inside, several platforms for ambushes and two columns perfect for the animal to trim its nails and climb. 

The Blanco cat tree

Blanco is a cat furniture tower made of certified FSC wood. It features a cosy little house for your cat with a cushion, a comfortable platform on which to climb and observe the room from above, and a cute ball-shaped toy. Finally, it contains a sisal surface that will serve as a perfect scratching post for your pet. 

The Simba scratching post

Simba is a cat scratching post with a comfortable kennel and hammock. The frame is made of solid wood and is complete with a sisal column, on which is a comfortable, soft hammock for lying down and watching the territory. The part underneath, on the other hand, is a cosy little house to allow your cat to rest undisturbed. 

What about your cat? Is he an accomplished climber or does he prefer the comfort of his kennel? 

What about your cat? Is he an accomplished climber or does he prefer the comfort of his kennel?

Prodotti Ferplast tiragraffi Amir Blanco Simba

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