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When the snow falls in winter, we can’t wait to take our four-legged friend out to show him the miracle of nature. Dogs like snow, they have a lot of fun running in the white coat, a moment of pure joy for everyone; however, before going out it is good to let the dog wear a technical and waterproof harness such as the Hercules and Daytona Cross models by Ferplast!

Dogs need to go for a walk every day even in winter when the streets are covered with the snow: during the walk they can stretch their legs, do their business and indulge in wild races and tumbles.

Walking the dog on the snow, harness or collar?

Walking the dog in winter, when it is very cold, requires the right equipment: in choosing between the collar and harness there are some important issues to consider. For example, does the dog tend to pull on the leash? If the answer is yes, it is recommended to use a harness to better keep control over slippery surfaces due to the presence of ice.

Which harness to choose?


Among the various types of harnesses for dogs suitable for walking on the snow we suggest Hercules, one of the top models in Ferplast range. Practical and robust, it is built with hard wearing, scratch-resistant materials and is equipped with soft padding on the whole surface in contact with the dog’s body, so that even after long hours of walking the four-legged will always be well protected and will not feel any ailment.

It adapts perfectly to the dog’s body, distributing the load on the chest and not on the neck. In the larger models it has the innovative Quick Fit micro-adjustment system with elastic that allows you to easily and quickly adjust the harness on the back ensuring a perfect fit. It is made of nylon, a material that even in contact with the humidity and the cold of the snow remains intact and waterproof, in this way if Fido decides to lie on the ground and make fun gags on the snow with you, the harness will not get wet.

If you are in the mountains and you are walking on a path with exposed sections or with some technical difficulties, it is recommended that the dog wears a well-constructed harness like Hercules, which is robust and safe, equipped with a comfortable padded handle on the top, which will allow you to better control Fido and keep him by your side, helping him overcome any obstacles.

Our ambassador Dexter cannot do without it and wears it in the most  different locations, in these shots you can see him happy running around, enjoying the snowy mountains!


Another ideal harness for the dog to wear on the snow is Daytona Cross, made of sturdy nylon and lined with soft padding, to ensure maximum comfort, easily adapting to the body of the furry. It is also ideal for evening or night outings, as it features a reflective strip to guarantee maximum safety and visibility.

To walk on the snow, therefore, technical and waterproof models are preferred, which are safe on the one hand, but which at the same time guarantee the dog full freedom of movement! Daytona also has the special Matic magnetic closure that allows you to hook and unhook the harness to the dog with a simple and fast click, while remaining reliable and safe.

The beautiful ambassador Happy loves her Daytona Cross, as you can see from the photos. Here she has chosen the blue version, which perfectly matches her coat and stands out on the white fields.

What does your dog wear to go on the snow?

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