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Cane dal toelettatore con spazzole Ferplast
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Even in summer it’s important to dedicate some time to grooming your dog. We asked Luca, manager of the LavalDog centre in Vicenza, for some advice on how to take care of your dog’s coat on holiday.

Among pet parents, it’s a common practice to take their dog to the groomer before the holidays. Because of this, your dog’s skin is even more delicate and you need to take care of it even while travelling. Here are some tips on summer grooming with the help of Ferplast’s dog grooming products.Toelettatura del cane in estate con gli accessori Ferplast

Rule no. 1: watch out for fleas

On holiday, whether at the seaside or in the mountains, dogs get dirty much more easily, because they have more opportunities to be outdoors and in nature. To avoid the risk of dermatitis and skin fungus, it is necessary to brush your dog’s coat every day.
As your dog is more in contact with nature, the risk of fleas also increases. The advice is to take a flea comb with you, such as Ferplast’s GRO Premium 5753, which rids your dog’s coat of unwanted guests and leaves it soft, neat and clean.Toelettatura del cane in estate con le spazzole Ferplast

Rule no. 2: Remove excess hair

You can continue your dog’s daily grooming with the trimmer, the comb with replaceable blade that removes dead hair quickly and effectively. The trimmer also removes extra hair from the undercoat without damaging the surface hair. This saves you having to spend your holiday collecting your pet’s hair.

Rule no. 3: Brushing

Finally, it’s time to brush. If you have used the trimmer, brushing will be even easier. To brush your Fido, you can choose a combination brush such as Ferplast’s GRO Premium line, equipped with bristles on one side and steel pins with rounded tips on the other. This allows it to brush and polish the coat without irritating the skin.Spazzole Ferpalst per la toelettatura del cane

Taking care of your dog’s coat during the holidays is essential for his health and well-being. Grooming makes it easy to see fleas and remove them, as well as keeping the coat shiny and soft.

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