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We’re in the company of one of Ferplast’s young friends and her sweet little dog Skippy. You’ve met them before, when we were talking about how it’s important to always carry some doggy hygiene bags around with you. Today, we stopped to have a chat in the park with Sara.


How long have you had Skippy for?

Skippy was born in September 2006, and we brought her to her new home for the first time in December of the same year, so she’s been with us now for more than 8 years.

Have you had any other pets?  

I’ve always had pets ever since I was little. The first one I remember was Alì, a Dalmatian; growing up with him was one of the best things that could happen to me, he was a real guardian angel. Then along came Snuffy, another Dalmatian, to keep us company, and then Skippy.

Do you take her on holiday with you?

Skippy is used to travelling in the car, even for quite long journeys. She usually always comes with us when we go to the mountains, but not when we go abroad, although someone in the family is always there to keep her company. In any case, Skippy loves going to the mountains and she always understands when we’re getting ready to go; she recognises the various bags and suitcases and starts getting excited and jumping about among the luggage that’s already packed, just to make sure we don’t forget her. She’s used to going to restaurants, bars and places with lots of people in general, she sits quietly and waits for her reward, whether it’s a biscuit or a walk.

Do you like dog coats? Does she usually wear one?

Apart from the fact that if it were up to me, Skippy would have a bigger wardrobe than my one, sometimes she refuses to go out without one. It sounds absurd, but even she doesn’t like to go out without a coat when it’s rainy or cold, and she’s just got off a sofa with lots of blankets. If she doesn’t like the weather, she settles down in front of the door and looks outside, waiting. When I open the door to go out, she stops and refuses to move, staring at her bag. As soon as she’s dressed, on the other hand, she thanks me by wagging her tail and only then will she go out.


We leave Sara and Skippy to their winter walk – don’t forget to take a look at the dog coats in the BAU BAU MODA 2014/2015 fashion collection, as well as the padded models and those with the fun pom-poms like the one Skippy was wearing, you’ll love the waterproof coats, perfect with springtime on the way.










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