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Summer is a wonderful season for many reasons, but unfortunately the soaring temperatures can be some what of a bother, resulting in us sweating a lot. Despite being able to withstand the heat better than we can, our cats also suffer from this issue. But just how do felines cope with high temperatures?

Even though sweating might cause us some discomfort, it is actually an effective way for our body to regulate internal temperatures, freeing the body from accumulated heat and refreshing the skin at the same time. So how do cats cool down?

Compared to dogs, which on any normal summer day frantically pant with tongue out, cats can be found sprawled blissfully on the ground. It may not seem like it, but they are trying to cool down, this being just one of the methods they adopt.

1. Cats sweat from their paws, specifically from the pads where the sweat glands are located. That’s why you’ll notice your floor decorated with kitty’s footprints more during the hotter months.

2. To lower their body temperature, cats seek out quite and shaded spots. In summer, they take their catnaps on cold surfaces, such as tiled or wooden floors, or in the shade of bushes or tall grass.

3. In summer, cats continuously lick their fur, covering themselves with as much saliva as possible. The saliva’s evaporation serves the same “refreshing” function as the evaporation of sweat on the skin does for us.

4. Our family felines avoid moving too much and exerting excessive effort so do not be alarmed if you notice that your cat is more lacklustre and sleepy than usual – this is just a way to keep cool.

For our part, to help the cat cool down and cope with the hottest days, we need to ensure there is fresh, clean water available at all times. If you’re not at home, you can use Ferplast’s Vega fountain that continuously produces filtered water. Occasionally wet your kitty’s coat around the armpits, lower belly and neck. It is very important that kitties can expel accumulated heat, because if their body overheats, they risk heat stroke.

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