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Should cat nails be cut? For cats, claws are of vital importance. They use them to mark their territory, attack, defend themselves, stabilize their jumps and cling on so as not to slip. Their maintenance is necessary for the well-being of the feline. So, is clipping cat’s nails a right thing to do?

The differences between domestic and wild cats

Cats are naturally able to file their nails and trim them on different surfaces, such as the trunk of a tree. However, in the case of a domestic cat that does not have the opportunity to find plants on which to trim his claws, it is essential to put in one or more scratching posts. Otherwise, you can trim them yourself with a special nail clipper.

Best cat scrapers

A scratching post is a very important object, thanks to which kittens can “fix” their claws themselves. This way, your kitten won’t be lashing out at curtains and furniture and literally destroying every surface in the house!

There are many different cat scratching posts. Piece of furniture, tree or carpet and you should choose them according to the size of your cat and your home. 

  • Furniture scratching posts, such as Kubo, are larger and run vertically, offering more ways for your cat to play, but are also bulkier. 
  • Cat’s trees are ideal if you live in a flat and don’t have much space, but they are still very effective. 
  • Carpet scratching posts run horizontally, are space-saving and come in handy when you go on holiday with your cat or have limited space available.

Cutting your cat’s nails

Clipping cat’s nails is not always necessary, but if your cat does not have the necessary tools, is old or stops using them, then you will have to do it by yourself. When the claws are too long, they can damage the pads or become ingrown, and this can prevent the animal from walking properly.

How to clip cat’s nails

Clipping cat’s nails is not an easy task, as we know, so it’s a good idea to get your cat used to having his nails trimmed from puppyhood. This will make it less resistant when you approach him for a regular trim. A clipper or nail clipper for small animals is sufficient.

Wrap your cat in a towel to hold it more firmly in your arms, take his paw and press lightly on his fingertips, one at a time. You will see the nail coming out, white at the tip and darker towards the center. Be very careful because only the white part of the nail is to be cut. The pinker part of the nail is supplied with blood vessels and if cut, it can cause bleeding. If this should happen by mistake, keep some silver nitrate on hand to stop the flow of blood. We advise you not to make a clean cut, but trim the claw little by little, to make sure you don’t cut too much.

Always remain calm. Use a quiet tone of voice and calm him down! If you are uncomfortable and afraid of making a mistake, see your vet.

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