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cane cucciolo disteso su cuccia Ferplast
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Has Christmas brought a new puppy into the family and you don’t know how to behave? Here are all our tips!

What to do and how to deal with a new puppy

1. Choose a vet

Even before the puppy becomes part of your family, look for a good, qualified veterinary. In addition to being an important figure and reference in case of doubts or illnesses, he will be able to tell you which vaccinations and visits are mandatory in the first months of your pet’s life.

2. Find a suitable education course

Taking your puppy to an education course is important so that he learns to relate to his fellow humans and dogs. This is not a real dog school but more simply fun lessons with other dogs.

cane barboncino che mangia Ferplast

3. Have the microchip and ID tag 

Your puppy must have an identification tag on his collar. It is a fundamental element for the identification of the animal and their pet-parents.

In addition to this, your dog will also need to have a microchip. It is used to identify the dog in case of loss. The microchip is applied under the animal’s skin with a quick and painless procedure.

cane che gioca con pallina Ferplast

4. Get everything needed for sharing your lives

Here is a list with all the material needed to welcome your puppy into your home.

1. Get two bowls: one for food and one for water. We recommend the Lindo plastic tray with two bowls. Complete with two plastic bowls, in fact, it ensures great practicality as you can supply dry or wet food and water at the same time.

Ciotole rosse per cani Ferplast

2. Buy a leash and a collar for walks with your dog. You can choose your favorites from our extensive collection. There really is something for all tastes!

3. Get a brush and grooming glove. They are essential tools for the care of your pet’s coat. Try our GRO 5934 grooming glove. It’s very easy to use because you just need to insert your hand inside and pass it over the animal’s fur. Thanks to the soft rubber teeth, it helps to eliminate dead hair, while at the same time providing a pleasant massage to the skin.

cane cucciolo viene spazzolato su cuscino Ferplast

4. Even a cozy sofa is a product that you absolutely must put on the list. The Queen sofa, for example, is really comfortable. Thanks to the soft padding and velvet-effect fabric, soft and warm, your new puppy will love it!

5. Finally, buy some fun toys that stimulate your dog. Surely with our Chewa Boing ball you are on the safe side! Loved by all pets, it stimulates and satisfies the dog’s natural need to chew and play. It is ideal for throwing and retrieving and can also be used at the beach or in the pool as it is floating.

So here are all the must-have products, the essentials to have if a new puppy has recently arrived in the family.

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