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As Christmas nears, we usually decorate our homes with classic ornaments such as wreaths, candles, mangers and Santas on the windows or in the yard. But for those who love pets and prefer creativity over tradition, why not try decorating the tree and home with ornaments depicting our furry friends?

Cat owners know that decorating the Christmas tree is an adventure, but worth the while! Cats are curious and, when you bring a part of the forest inside, it’s only a matter of time before they feel the urge to climb up and nestle amongst the branches.

The web is full of pictures and videos of beloved kitties tackling Christmas trees in more or less absurd positions, but they always make us laugh. Check them out!


Decorating a cat-proof tree is simple, but the new trend for true cat lovers is decorating a tree for them: no more angels, snowmen and falling starts, it’s time to start decorating the tree with kittens or cat ornaments.

First pick out the right baubles and ornaments, obviously not made of glass or delicate materials that could break as soon as they fall, but choose plastic.

Once you’ve bought the classic baubles, you can draw cat whiskers or even your own kitty’s face on them with magic markers. Just choose a colour that matches its fur, draw on the eyes and whiskers and, to make it more personal, add its name. Naturally, these can be alternated with other baubles drawn with paw prints and, to add sparkle, choose glittery colours, get creative!

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