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Ferplast coniglio cura denti
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In any bunny graphic illustration, the two incisor teeth cannot be missing, but rather have become one of the hallmarks of this funny pet. But have you ever wondered what the characteristics of rabbit teeth are?

They are sweet and friendly animals, but it often happens that their habits and behaviour are underestimated or not understood by their owners. Here is everything you need to know about your rabbit’s teeth!

Rabbit teeth grow 

Perhaps not everyone knows that rabbit teeth grow continuously, about 1 cm per month! This is fundamental information that any pet owner needs to know in order to take the best possible care of their pet. 

The continuous growth of the rabbit’s teeth has a very specific meaning. The rabbit’s diet in captivity would mainly consist of grass and a few other foods found in nature. These foods are not particularly rich in nutrients, which is why the rabbit tends to eat a lot of them, which consequently requires lengthy chewing. If the rabbit’s teeth were not constantly growing, they would wear out in the long run. 

The growth of rabbit teeth is therefore due to a physiological need of the animal, a need that must be respected and kept in mind even if the rabbit is domesticated.

Ferplast coniglio cura denti fieno

The right nutrition for rabbit teeth

Rabbits’ diet is a key factor in ensuring that their teeth continue to wear properly. Your pet’s feeding routine should then include foods such as field grasses, vegetables and rabbit hay, to be places in a special feeder such as Ferplast’s wooden Hay Feeder. 

Vegetables recommended for the proper feeding of your rabbit include escarole, fennel, carrots and celery stalks. Fruit is also sure to please your pet. Let him nibble on a few pieces of apple or pear, he will certainly enjoy it. 

Finally, there are some products and small toys that help your rabbit’s teeth to wear out. Ferplast’s line of Tiny and Natural gnawing toys are based on natural components and created from strictly non-toxic and biodegradable materials. These small toys are perfect for strengthening your rabbit’s teeth and limiting overgrowth.

Ferplast coniglio denti mangiatoia hay feeder

Rabbit teeth problems and remedies

The uninterrupted growth of rabbit teeth can unfortunately lead to some problems that should be recognised and not underestimated. 


This is the most frequent problem, mainly due to incorrect feeding habits, and consists of incorrectly angled teeth. This not only prevents the rabbit from feeding properly, but also causes damage and pain. Here are some of the most common mistakes that can lead to the occurrence of this disorder:

  • Seeds, industrial cereals and unsuitable foods: these are not suitable for the rabbit’s diet because their chewing is too short and does not help the teeth to wear down.
  • Calcium deficiency: just as for humans, calcium is very important for rabbit teeth to ensure their well-being.
  • Congenital malformations: problems with rabbit teeth can also result from genetic issues, which cause incorrect tooth inclination. 

Care and remedies

If your rabbit shows excessive tooth growth, the only possible alternative to make him feel better is to file them down. Clearly, you will need to contact your veterinary surgeon, who will, if necessary, even out your rabbit’s teeth by putting the animal under anaesthesia. 

If, on the other hand, the length of the teeth has led to an abscess, a medical consultation will again be necessary to assess whether to treat the disorder with antibiotics or whether to intervene surgically. 

Your rabbit’s teeth are crucial to your pet’s health and well-being. Always take care not to underestimate its nutrition and check their length periodically. 

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