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Christmas is upon us, it’s time to trim the tree! Many of us have already done so, others are still getting the decorations together. One thing is sure… the cat will be there, smiling under his little whiskers, just waiting for the moment to pounce! Cats just can’t resist playing with all those tempting little balls and baubles we spent so much time and devotion hanging on just the right branch, in just the right place.

Bringing home the Christmas tree is like letting sheer magic enter your house. It cheers the hearts of the children, we all know that, just like we know that the cat goes into ecstasy when he sees all those new play things going up for him to bat with his paw and then pounce on! It’s cute the first time he does it, and we all have a good laugh, but by the second and third time, well, he risks being picked up and kept away from the tree!  There is, however, a way to distract the cat from the tree. Let’s take a look…

To begin with, cats are less tempted by fake trees than real ones. Fake ones are also less dangerous as real needles can stick in their paws and hurt them. So  consider getting a fake tree this year and spare them the pain.


Playing with your cat is the best way to get him to leave the tree alone! Often cats have a go at the tree and bat the decorations  because they want to play, to have some fun, especially if they are home alone a lot and/or don’t get out of the house to burn off some of their boundless energy.

Ferplast has some really great toys for cats, from the classic, yet always appreciated wind-up mice, to furry mice, feathers or other little play beasties on a string. They love them because they move temptingly around on their own, begging to be caught!

Then there are smart, interactive toys, like Explorer or Poker. They encourage them to activate the special mechanism and earn a treat: load them up with fragrant crunchy kibbles, close the sliding hatches and let the cat play with them until they discover how to open them and get their reward!


You don’t have to spend hours playing with the cat, just a few minutes a couple of times a day will do the trick, like late afternoon or early morning when he is full of energy. These fun toys will give him all the fun he needs without having to attack your beautifully decorated tree!

Or, considering cats love to climb up things, why don’t you get yours a brand new scratching tree with lots of different levels. It will let him put his climbing skills to the test and allow him to survey his world from there, and not the tree.


See, it’s not so hard to save your tree from the predatory instincts of your cat!

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