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If your cat is particularly hyperactive, nothing is lost! Just teach him how to be calmer and more peaceful.

How to tell if your cat is suffering from hyperactivity

It is not always easy to understand if a cat is hyperactive or is disturbed by something else.

First, a hyperactive cat may have violent behaviours. This means that he bites and scratches at its pet parents and other people, especially hitting delicate areas such as the hands and feet.

Secondly, hyperactivity is also recognized by the imbalanced biorhythm between sleep and wakefulness. In fact, over-active cats do not distinguish day from night. This means that the cat can be hyperactive both night and day, indistinctly.

Finally, the hyperactive cat cannot memorize already made experiences. Precisely for this reason he does not distinguish the areas of the house, confusing the area dedicated to rest or his needs with the living area.

Why a cat suffers from hyperactivity

There are many reasons for a cat to be hyperactive. It can become so when:

– pet parents neglect him for a long time and he spends a lot of time alone

– fails to communicate a problem that afflicts him

– you suffer from an as yet unknown pathology

– is stressed out due to some daily circumstances

How to help the cat get out of hyperactivity

Educating a cat is not as simple as educating a dog. The feline, in fact, is more independent and has a hard time recognizing his owner as a figure to be trusted. It is a long process that nevertheless brings excellent results over time.

The first thing to do is definitely to devote more time and attention to the cat.


1. Play with your cat

It seems trivial but it is not. The cause of hyperactivity in many cases is precisely loneliness and boredom. Dedicating at least ten minutes of our time every day to interacting and playing with our cat is an important phase in building a healthy relationship. Here are some games where human input is needed:

Gioco PA 4998: This is one of the most loved games by our domestic cats. It is a cat toy made of wood and natural fibers. It is an effective stress reliever that stimulates the interest of your feline friend thanks to the fun pendant to make the cat jump.

Gioco PA 5402:   The classic ball for cats, an effective pastime made of soft and soft non-toxic rubber. To choose between the different colors available 

2. Pamper your cat

Very often we tend to think that cats are independent and autonomous and therefore do not need our affection. Nothing more wrong! Like dogs, in fact, cats also want to be pampered and loved every day. One idea could be to dedicate time to your cat every evening. This routine will benefit both of you.

As we have seen, educating a cat is not always simple but it is not impossible either. Patience, determination are required but also the support of a professional educator who, once the situation has been analyzed, will show you the best way to help your pet feeling better.

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