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Gatto dorme tra le braccia della padrona
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On 17th February, in Italy, Cat Day was celebrated. In the world this holiday falls on different days. In Japan, for example, it is celebrated on the 22 of February.

Despite his shifty and independent character, the cat has made its way into the hearts of pet parents all over the world. The cat is an extremely habitual and affectionate animal. A cat’s day, especially in winter, is a mixture of naps, food and the occasional trip outside. This is why comfort and exercise are essential in his routine.

Cat’s personality

A cat’s character depends largely on his breed. Whether or not they are more or less affectionate depends on the genetic changes that have taken place. In addition, there is also an experiential factor. If, in fact, a cat has been accustomed to human contact since he was a kitten, he will be more prone to cuddles and effusions than a cat adopted as an adult or already weaned.

In general, however, cats have a multi-faceted, unpredictable and changeable personality. The things that all cats have in common are their individuality and curiosity. Cats love to explore and experiment, even if they prefer a cozy bed in winter to the cold temperatures outside.Red cat plays with Ferplast scratching post

The cat in winter

During the cold months, the cat rarely goes outside for long periods, preferring to curl up next to the radiator or on top of the bed, perhaps next to the pet parent’s clothes. His physical activity decreases dramatically and his appetite, on the other hand, increases. In order to avoid the risk of obesity, it is up to us to equip ourselves to keep them fit.Cat sleeps in Ferplast bed


In winter, a cat’s favourite occupation is sleeping. While cats normally sleep between 12 and 16 hours, at this time of year they get more than 20 hours of sleep a day. More food and less light help your cat to rest. To guarantee your cat rest and tranquillity, you can opt for a comfortable padded cotton sofa with an ecological fur cover, like Ferplast’s Muffin. Or a comfortable house that can be converted into a kennel like Edinburgh, with a soft cushion in a patterned design included. But if, on the other hand, your cat finds the sofa in the living room particularly comfortable, protect it from hair and dirt with a blanket, Logan double-face, for example, or a soft cushion like Sweetie by Ferplast.Cat is sleeping on the sofa with is pet parent on a Feprlast cushion


In cold weather, laziness takes over. The cat’s day is markedly reduced in terms of going out and exercising. The only thing that increases is hunger, although cats that are used to living indoors do not need any extra food rations. In order to safeguard your cat’s health, it is worth finding alternative ways of getting him to exercise.

Cats are attracted to light and anything that moves unpredictably. Toys such as Ferplast’s Phantom and Cat Pointer, which emit a laser light to stimulate and intrigue your cat, make your pet chase the light beam and chase after it. Magic Circle and Typhon also follow the same mechanism. These are circuits on which a luminous ball runs, attracting the cat’s attention and prompting it to run after it. All these accessories are part of Ferplast’s Clever and Happy line, for happy and fit cats.Cat is playing with Phantom by Ferplast

A cat’s day in winter is almost entirely dedicated to rest. However, to preserve his health, it is essential to devote time to exercise. Ferplast’s cat accessories are a valuable aid in both circumstances.

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