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While we’re getting ready to celebrate New Year’s Eve, for our pets this is by far the least loved holiday of the year. According to some estimates, about 500 pets in Italy  die every year, scared by the fireworks that salute the new year. The noise caused by the fireworks causes veritable phobias in pets, and many of them, trying to escape, become disoriented and can’t find their way home, or hide in unthinkable places, risking their lives.

This happens because, unlike humans, dogs and cats have incredible hearing. How to avoid similar situations? First of all, if you’re away from home, shut windows and blinds, to reduce the noise as much as possible. NEVER leave your pets on balconies or terraces. If you have a Ferplast SWING door, remember to set it at CLOSED to keep your dog or cat from running away. The Swing doors are equipped with a 4-way closing system so you can adjust the opening according to your needs: way in only, way out only, in and out, or closed. Some models will signal when a pet is in the house or outside. For this New Year’s Eve, remember at least one of these tips, so you don’t have to run around desperately looking for your pet on the first day of 2015.





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