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I cani assomigliano ai loro paroni barboncino
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Everyone has happened to notice how much some dogs resemble their owners. But have you ever wondered if there is really some truth in this or if it is all just a figment of your imagination?

Strolling through the streets of the city centre or at the city park, it is not difficult to notice dogs walking alongside their owners and seeming to look like their physical characteristics. In fact, many scientific studies have also been done on this subject and the results are incredible. 

Ferplast cani assomigliano ai padroni labrador

Dogs that look like their owners: is it true?

As far-fetched as this assumption may seem, there is some truth to it. It has been observed how indeed many owners end up looking like their four-legged friends. But why does this happen?

Familiarity with ourselves

There are several reasons for this. First of all, it is a psychological matter. Unconsciously everything that our brain recognises as similar is automatically accepted. 

The tendency to look for something familiar leads humans to choose a dog with traits similar to their own.

Having a pet by our side that is similar to us conveys comfort and security, which is why we are naturally inclined to opt for a dog with certain physical characteristics over another. 

Ferplast cani assomigliano ai padroni lupo

Resemblance to those around us

Not only the similarity to ourselves but also that associated with the people around us plays a role in the choice. Just as we choose dogs that are similar to us, the same happens with the people close to us. Thus, not only will the dog tend to resemble their owners, but also their circle of family and friends. 

The way we choose the right dog for us could also be linked to the way we choose our partner. Our mind drives us to choose breeds that for some aesthetic reason tend to resemble us or to whom we ourselves are attracted.

Scientific studies

Studies with a scientific basis have been done on this subject. The University of California in the 1990s was the first to attempt to answer these doubts through a very simple survey. Several photos of dogs and their owners were taken and submitted to a volunteer audience, which surprisingly managed to match almost all humans with their dogs. 

The similarity was therefore noted in most cases and it was ruled out that the similarity between animal and pet mate occurred over time, but rather that the two already had similar characteristics at the time of choice. 

Further research followed, all with similar results to the previous one. 

Ferplast cani assomigliano ai padroni casa

Personality matters

According to many studies, moreover, physical resemblance is not the only reason why a human being is inclined to choose one dog over another. It has been shown that the animal’s personality and character often tend to be similar and compatible with those of their owner. 

Our habits are inevitably reflected in those of our four-legged friend and if they are not compatible with his personality, cohabitation will certainly not be easy. This is why we are inclined to recognise those dogs that seem to have a character similar to ours and to choose them for character compatibility.

It can be said, in conclusion, that our dogs are in a way a mirror of ourselves and our innermost being. 

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