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Bikejoring has become increasingly popular in recent years. It is a sporting activity in which you race along a track with your dog, using a bicycle, which is pulled by your dog. We all know that enjoying sports in the company of your four-legged friend is always a great idea. Are you curious to find out how to do it?

Bikejoring: What is it and who can do it?

If you love going out on your bike or mountain bike you can finally share this passion with your furry friend. In fact, it is more and more common for this sporting category to practice Bikejoring.

Bikejoring is a sport in which your dog has the task of pulling the bicycle while his master is moving the pedals. Compared to Canicross, Bikejoring requires medium to large-sized dogs, that are strong and have and inclination for high-speed running; it can be done at a basic or a competitive level. In this latter case, with a chance to contend with other couples in real contests and competitions. To be more specific, the most suitable dogs are Nordic dogs, which are born to pull sleds, hunting breeds and sheepdogs.

Bikejoring: Suitable equipment

To do this dog-lovers’ sport correctly, you will need just a few, very important things:

1. HARNESS: the most suitable one must be ergonomic, in order to avoid pressure on the dog’s chest and preferably one made of padded nylon, to avoid ruining your dog’s fur and offer greater comfort. Dytona Cross by Ferplast is a strong model that can withstand pulling by your dog and adapts perfectly to your dog’s body, turning itself into a handy and comfortable accessory also during sports sessions.

2. FLEXIBLE ANTENNA: it is an aid that must be connected to the handlebar of the bicycle and makes it possible to support the line from the handlebar beyond the front wheel, preventing the pulling line from getting caught in the wheel while moving.

3. CUSHIONED LINE: it is the “lead” that connects the rider and the dog. It must be at least 2 metres long and cushioned, to make changes in speed and direction flow well and prevent man and dog from being jerked.

Therefore, the dog is connected to the bicycle through a cushioned line and a specially designed harness to guarantee the animal’s well-being during the activity.

Things to know before doing any Bikejoring training

For anyone wishing to give this sport a try, it is important to know that:


The rider must be physically fit, because the effort during the activity must be distributed between the man and the dog, 50% each. The dog must absolutely not be made to do all the work. Therefore, before trying your hand at this sport, you need to train in order to have enough power in your legs to give support to your four-legged friend.


Since the dog pulls the bike, he’s the one who decides the rhythm of the race, and the man must adapt to his pace without pulling or pushing him or persuading him to make efforts that are not within Fido’s capabilities.


Never let your dog miss out on the playful aspect of the activity. It is true that when you train you have to stay focused, but you need to keep in mind that your dog needs to feel loved and not exploited, so it is best to take advantage of this time together with light-heartedness and fun.

Bikejoring increases trust between dog and master: learning to trust your pet while riding a bicycle establishes a unique and unrepeatable complicity between you both!

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