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Where do your four-legged friends sleep? Cushions and sofas are among the items most popular with Ferplast’s fans: soft, warm, with technical water-repellent fabric, made of soft velvet or timeless cotton… there is a very wide choice! You can see for yourself by reading the “Instagram Favorites” column in the month of October dedicated to this topic.

Every animal has a favourite place for lying down, finding a little peace and quiet and having a nap, but now, more than ever before, we have proof that the classic cushion is always the place chosen by dogs, cats and even rabbits.

Colourful, soft cushions for pets

As well as being beds for dogs and cats, cushions can also become beautiful furnishing accessories for the home. Many people choose multi-coloured ones, to transform the environment and give the rooms a cheerful touch. Many of our furry friends also adore them: those in Ferplast’s Reflex range are always very popular and they come in cyclamen, blue or turquoise. Judging by the little faces of these lovely customers, they really have beneficial effects!





Little tweed sofas for elegant dogs

The simplicity and elegance of certain puppies also shines through in their beds. Look how these two small friends blend with their little beige and brown sofas from the Tweed product range. Their appearance is impeccable, warm and super-welcoming and we understand very well why, even when called for their dinner, they have no desire to get up from there! Which shade do you like best?



Plastic beds with soft padded cushions

We have noticed that those in need of a larger space prefer plastic beds such as Ferplast’s Siesta Deluxe, to which you can add a cushion or you can cover it with Sofa Cushion, a particularly soft and comfortable cotton fabric covering, as it is equipped with soft, thick padding. It can be enjoyed alone or shared with puppies or little brothers and sisters and there is always a special place for spending happy, quality moments!






Beds for happy rabbits

Rabbits should not always be left in their hutches. On the contrary, in order to guarantee them a peaceful life, it is essential to set them free and let them wander around, of course after making your house and garden safe for them. For this reason, you need to get a cushion or a little sofa with raised edges, where your fluffy friend can sleep when he is not inside his hutch covered with straw. Below, you can see a few of our customers sprawling on their cushions.



If you want to appear in our column, tag us in the photos with Ferplast products you post on Instagram and add the #ferplast hashtag. What are you waiting for?

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