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On average, dogs sleep 14 hours a day, and they have dreams and nightmares just like us. To make sure your dog sleeps really well, and to offer them a unique, relaxing nap, it is important to get them a soft, high quality basket like the brand new Dormeuse, or the trusty favourite Siesta Deluxe by Ferplast.

Dog baskets come in all sorts and sizes: open, closed, plastic, cotton or nylon, they can be foldable, oval or kennel-shaped. The important thing is to choose one that is spacious and comfortable.

What features do you need in an indoor dog basket?

1. If you choose a hard plastic basket, which is great to keep dogs insulated from the ground, always remember to line it with at least a cushion, to make it more welcoming, comfortable and warm.

2. The basket and cushions should be easy to wash, better still if machine washable, so you can disinfect them regularly and get rid of dust mites or parasites.

We have selected two baskets from Ferplast’s wide range to show you: the brand new Dormeuse, and one of our all-time favourites, the Siesta Deluxe. Let’s see them in detail.

The practical Dormeuse basket by Ferplast

One of Ferplast’s new products for 2019 is Dormeuse, a splendid basket for dogs (or cats) with a rigid base in thermoplastic resin, complete with a soft and comfortable padded lining, perfect for keeping your pet warm. With its high sides, spacious interior and no-slip rubber feet, it creates a safe and protected space for your dog. The wipe-clean base can be cleaned using a sponge and soap, while the lining is machine-washable at 30°. It is perfect for small and medium sized pets, who can fit into the following size:

  • Total basket size: 73 x 45 x h 24 cm
  • Base of the basket: 55 x 32 cm

The features of the Siesta Deluxe basket

Siesta Deluxe is one of the most popular indoor beds in Ferplast’s product range that our furry friends always love. Made of thermoplastic resin in a rounded shape, it is available in a range of colours and six different measurements, to fit dogs of all sizes. Thanks to its high sides and lowered front entrance, it is really comfortable for your pet; what’s more, the bottom is perforated to allow for ventilation, preventing any unpleasant odours from forming. Add an extra Relax cushion to make it even more comfortable, and Rover even happier!

How to choose the right size basket

There are three things you should think about when choosing the right size basket and working out how much space it will take up at home: length, depth and height, as well as the interior length and depth, which need ot be the right size for your dog. Measure your dog’s back, and add 20%, then compare this to the interior length of the basket – and voilà!

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